In picture, Mediterranea mobile home
designed by Lev-Arch, Luca Colombo.

With its brand CrippaConcept, the company Crippacampeggio Srl has succeeded in innovating the mobile home sector, which until a few years ago didn’t even contemplate design and personalisation. The company anticipated what has since become a widespread trend, garnishing widespread appreciation for its contemporary design, Made in Italy quality, attention to details and tireless research into innovative solutions. A company in which personnel skills make all the difference and constitute the corner stone of a great success.

Today we’re interviewing Simone Mazzucchielli, the Company’s Head designer and historic member of the work group created by Sergio Redaelli. With a profound knowledge of the mobile home world, both in terms of design and production, he enriched Crippacampeggio Srl with twenty years of his own experience in 2011, immediately taking the helm as head designer, forging a forward-thinking company thanks to his outstanding ability to intercept the latest market trends.

In picture, Mediterranea mobile home
designed by Lev-Arch, Luca Colombo.

What was the scene like before Crippacampeggio first began manufacturing mobile homes?

When I first entered the Crippacampeggio team, the company wasn’t manufacturing mobile homes as yet, but it had started out with glamping tents a couple of years ago. The overall competitor situation was characterised by somewhat standardised production, everything was very similar. The sector needed a breath of fresh air and this is why when we decided to get things started with Sergio Redaelli, we focused on producing something different, in terms of design and layout. We also concentrated on customisation and the quality of materials. Success was immediate and the sector was never the same again. A veritable revolution which clients and partners still credit us with today.

How important is the work of a designer in a company like Crippacampeggio?

The work of our department is fundamental as apart from design, which is the basis of mobile home production, it is important to know how to transform customer requests into something that can be feasibly created, in an economically sustainable manner. My task is to coordinate a team of young designers and internal architects who rely on their experience and draw inspiration from new trends, to propose new contemporary design solutions, ideal for bringing to life the desires of customers. What’s more, research into new materials and collaboration with important architecture firms the calibre of Lev-Arch, owned by Luca Colombo, enables us be be contaminated and inspired, so that we are always bringing something new to the market, capable of fully satisfying the new requirements of camping customers, who are paying increasing attention to research and comfort.

In picture, Mediterranea mobile home
designed by Lev-Arch, Luca Colombo.

What has changed the way in which you make mobile homes over the years?

Technology has always played a fundamental role in our production. Indeed we always strive to use state-of-the-art, high technological profile equipment. Specifically, we invest considerably into the dynamic management of our suppliers. This enables us to build customised structures, even in a very short time, thanks to the organisation of work and rapid material sourcing capabilities. Young members play a vital role on my team, they stimulate me. They are part of a highly active and enthusiastic generation. I love surrounding myself with young professionals and will always continue to do so.

What fundamental values are there whenever you take on a new project?

Constant research into innovative, eco-sustainable, recyclable materials is no longer an option, for us it is a rule. Add to this a particular focus on inflammability. Indeed we have invested much time and resources for tests on materials to ensure increasingly safe and fire-resistant homes, above all to prevent a domino effect on camping sites. We tirelessly pursue this line of research and already today we are able to provide excellent quality mobile homes.

Aesthetics and Italian looks are another fundamental theme for us. In our sector we have always distinguished ourselves in virtue of the contemporaneity of our works, which are inspired by our Italian taste and appreciated all over the world. We strive to make this flavour palpable in all that we do.

What challenges does the future hold?

Increasingly improve the reliability of our structures. Campsite managers request products which stand the test of time and are reliable. This has always been our objective and will increasingly be so in the future. A mobile home must be an investment which lasts over time, it needs to be reliable and characterised by a contemporary look, even as the years pass by. This aspect has always distinguished us, because it is not just the quality of material that makes a good product, it is also about correctly interpreting living spaces and finding the perfect balance between ergonomy, comfort, functionality and aesthetic appeal.


Crippacampeggio is proud to have a professional figure the calibre of Simone Mazzucchielli as part of its management and we thank him for his time.