November 11, 2019 – From 9 to 11 October 2019, CrippaConcept has attracted the attention of industry players and has shown them what an open-air holiday can be through augmented reality and video mapping. A unique experience to present glamour camping for the first time at TTG Travel Experience.

A collaboration with IEG (Italian Exhibition Group) that has brought camping holiday to TTG in Rimini – Italy’s most important event dedicated to tour operators – with style. The CrippaConcept space has virtually transported visitors to a mobile home, conveying the emotions of a high-end glamping holiday in a unique setting, thanks to a sophisticated technology that virtually recreates settings, lights, colours and sounds.

This important and successful project aimed at putting major Italian and international buyers in contact with the company’s camping village partners, which have interpreted the evolution of the open-air holiday.

CEO Sergio Redaelli, said that “it’s in our interest to help this segment highlight the camping offering in Italy in terms of differentiation of the offering and variety of the target. Today, the camping industry meets the needs of this target with excellent services and attractions, while enhancing the value of the culture of a territory and sustaining the environment. This way, these companies create value for the territory they operate in. All these elements are still underestimated by those who think that it’s only camping.”


At TTG and sun to give chapter and verse about this sector

The talks

This year, CrippaConcept’s presence at TTG was part of a wider set of B2B and B2C events – Nuovi Sogni (New Dreams) – that started in Piazza Castello during the latest edition of the Milan Design Week.

The company, who is aware of the future trends, has organised two conferences within the trade fair to promote the exchange of skills and information. Major tour operators and travel agencies participated as speakers or in the audience.


CrippaConcept Empowering the Glamour Camping Research

The latest solutions for state-of-the-art housing units for the evolution of camping tourism. Research and development in terms of shapes, materials and Italian design to provide unique, stunning solutions.

The speakers
Sergio Redaelli – The owner of CrippaConcept
Carlo Renieri – Head Designer at CrippaConcept
Roberto Perego – Architect
Carlo Berizzi – Associate Professor of Architecture and Urban Design, University of Pavia Moderator

Maurizio Di Maggio – Radio Presenter at Radio Monte Carlo


It’s only camping until you try it

Italy’s Glamping excellence and distinctiveness and presentation of its glamping partners. Facilities that merge with the nature and culture of the area they are located in to ensure an exclusive holiday experience, even thanks to high-end amenities. A premium holiday for a new class of outdoor tourists.

Paolo Bertolini – President of Marina di Venezia S.p.A
Margherita Facchini – CEO of Camping Village San Francesco
Alberto Granzotto – Owner of Villaggio Turistico Internazionale di Bibione, Ca’Pasquali Camping Village and Vela Blu Camping Village
Alessandro Sgaravatti – Managing Director and partner of Union Lido
Loek VanDeLoo – Founder of Vacanze col Cuore

Ha moderato
Maurizio Di Maggio
– Radio Presenter at Radio Monte Carlo



A warm thank you goes to the speakers who have participated in our conferences, conveying the passion for our sector that makes us stand out every day. A big thank you goes to the audience, who has shown huge interest in the topics we have presented, and to all those who have visited our stand at TTG and enjoyed the video mapping experience. But there’s still more to come. Stay tuned!