Next is the mobile home style pointing to the future, it and comes in 3 different sizes – XXL 45 sqm, L 31 sqm and M 23 sqm – it can be customized in various ways, both in terms of inner and outer layouts. Elegant design for kitchen and living area, parquet floors, ceramic bath units, faux leather couches, mezzanine bed for kids, customizable walls decoration…

Everything begins with the idea of working to improve the architectural impact of mobile homes, trying to avoid the mundane sight of the same façades in a row.
The Crippaconcept designers’ research was focused on the fusion between natural location and the unit’s customization: using ecological coatings – paintable with simple wall paints – can break the clean and linear uniformity of each structure.

Colour is wisely used on non-woods part and it can be totally customizable: painting walls with the same colours of the camping brand, or choosing more natural tones for a camouflage effect.



The living area features bright and smart rooms, thanks to the attention to details and to the wide, sliding French doors and to rich finishing touches.

The corner kitchen is composed of 5 lower units, one of them with drawers; 5 wall cupboard units, a shelf and a hanging shelf for cooking tools, kitchen sink unit. Wide refrigerator and 4 spot cooktop with hood.
The kitchen harmoniously embraces functionality and design, granting privilege to elegant and modern furniture, where materials and finishings have a leading role, following a simple style.

The living area comes with a minimal, elegant and geometric style, enhanced by the wide corner sofa covered in faux leather; the space dedicated to the living room is wide and comfortable, thanks to the floor paved with laminated wood.



A great solution is proposed for the bedroom, where the space has a modern style, with rich finishings; it is composed by a 160×190 cm bed with a faux leather headboard, sliding wardrobe, 2 bedside tables and you can find a useful and wide compartment hanged over the headboard.

The kids bedroom has a practical, safe and comfortable organization: it is characterized by a corner mezzanine which allows the disposition of 2 beds (70×190 cm) plus 1 bed (110×200 cm), a sliding wardrobe, and a compartment with shelves. The stair leading to the mezzanine has useful compartments inside the steps.

The bathroom has a design sink over a laminated furniture, shelves, mirror and accessories, ceramic WC and bidet and shower box 90×90 cm.



The mobile home is composed by 2 units with 2 wheels each, put side by side with 4 helms; one of the main features of this structure is its height, the living area sidewall and the kids bedroom side wall have a 2,54 m inner height. Indeed, they are higher than living area side wall and double bedroom side wall (2,15 m high). This solution creates wider spaces in the two areas, with the choice of having the mezzanine in the kids’ bedroom and a larger living area.



Technical features
• New long-lasting materials
• Very strong, zinc-plated sendzimir chassis
• Pneumatic wheels
• Leveling system included
• Choice of floor insulating using monolitic iron panel
• One-piece layer professional high thickness PVC
• External airy walls, 76-90 mm thickness
• Vapour barrier, as in real civil constructions
• Excellent thermal insulation
• Easy regeneration (cut down of consuming and quick changements)