Emotion – Ikhaya

Born out of a wish to find the perfect mix between mobile home and tent, the Emotion range encapsulates all that is the strength of a mobile home and combines it with the delicacy and openness of a tent. This model design has been carefully thought through to give all those who stay in it a slightly quirkier holiday – it is the ambiance and feel of this unit which makes the difference!
Four different ambiances, all unique and equally suggestive, helping all who stay in it achieve that real one-of-a-kind holiday experience.


Think African tent and then keep on going, the Ikhaya will amaze you! Uniquely charming, nothing is there by chance: from the simplicity of the wood finish, both on the walls and various finishes, to the materials and furnishings used, the Ikhaya embraces elegance in every way.
To draw on different environments we have created not classic fixed walls or fabric, but floating panels that, like the two large french doors at the entrance, may disappear, if necessary, inside the main walls – thus creating a unique, spacious and cosy interior.

The veranda, with sail awning and large dining table becomes an extension of the house itself and the perfect area to live those perfect holiday moments in the open air and surrounded by nature.



EMOTION – 820X400