CrippaConcept aims to help clients maximise economic return generated by camping facilities. Over the years we have created a number of solutions: increasingly sustainable and designer mobile homes, full-comfort lodge tents (including suspended ones), for a five star holiday experience immersed in nature.

Today we are ready to make the next big leap forwards: after several months of working with our Research & Development department, we have developed a solution which enhances the profitability of camping facilities, thanks to innovative design and unprecedented mobile homes.

We have selected a partner of excellence, Luca Colombo’s architecture firm LEV-Art, whose team has supported us in turning our revolutionary idea into reality: areas conceived as clusters, delimited yet open for sharing, characterised by themed focus points: fitness area, wellness&Spa, healthy food, play area for children. Small havens which enable guests to cultivate their passion for well-being, cuisine and healthy eating, or where they can have hours of fun with the kids. A short distance from their own mobile home, immersed in a dedicated area.

Our clients will be able to offer guests their dream experience. They’ll have the chance to relax inside a CrippaConcept mobile home, workout at the gym or bask in a sauna immersed in greenery: all this without compromising the spirit of aggregation which characterises the life outdoors.

Featured mobile homes: Mediterranea and Queenslander [Zn30]

Themed areas are designed to be populated by two innovative CrippaConcept mobile homes: Mediterranea and Queenslander [Zn30]. A concentration of design, innovation and Made in Italy. Mediterranea, the first type of mobile home, features interiors inspired by typical southern European homes, from Ibiza to Mykonos, with tenuous hues for walls and ceramic effect flooring.  Furnishing fabrics and details feature a combination of white and blues. Interiors are characterised by ample windows and lofty spaces thanks to a streamlined chassis, seamlessly integrating outdoor and indoor spaces.

Outside, the Mediterranea is clad in ecological 3D fibre-reinforced cement and its body has been designed exclusively for CrippaConcept. The final effect confers a continuously changing appearance on the outside, because 3D grooves always reflect sunlight in different ways. However, Mediterranea is more than just a ‘pretty face’. This choice of material – carefully researched and developed just like all other project elements- guarantees ideal heat insulation and reduces electricity consumption for heating and air conditioning alike. What does this mean? Longer-lasting seasons and lower utility bills thanks to the selection of superior quality sustainable and insulating materials.

The roof, which in both models, the Mediterranea and the Queenslander [Zn30], presents an actual garden, has also been designed in line with this ethos. A Sedum-planted roof, a special selection of succulents, provides a natural water lung during rainfall and gradually releases stored water over time and requires minimum maintenance.

Queenslander [Zn30] is the mobile home conceived for all navigators of terraferma. Its design alludes to the world’s most beautiful yachts sailing the seas between Montecarlo, Saint Tropez, Portofino and even Miami. Its interiors draw inspiration from the most luxurious below decks at sea. Details speak for themselves: boiserie walls and metal elements reminiscent of deck railings. Natural cotton écru furnishing fabrics blended with ‘burnt’ tonalities, taking chic to the next level.

On the outside the iridescent effect manifests itself in long metal beams made from a precious zinc-copper-titanium alloy, for that “yacht effect”. More than a simple whim, this material has been selected in virtue of its combined functional and aesthetic properties, not least its ability to balance interior temperatures. The cladding, coupled with a ventilation chamber, guarantees occupants of the Queenslander [Zn30] minimal use of air conditioning and heating, meaning lower electricity consumption. All this is completed with the Sedum roof, described here above. For us design is a value, so we selected reflecting panels to conceal the wheels from view. The panels reflect surrounding greenery and the home appears to be suspended in its natural surroundings.

Therefore with this new project, CrippaConcept has taken a step forward as the ideal partner for designer, sustainable and Made in Italy mobile homes. Today it is a leader in the design and furnishing of glamping spaces for businesses looking to boost their facility’s prestige and profitability.