Emotion – Borgo

Born out of a wish to find the perfect mix between mobile home and tent, the Emotion range encapsulates all that is the strength of a mobile home and combines it with the delicacy and openness of a tent. This model design has been carefully thought through to give all those who stay in it a slightly quirkier holiday – it is the ambiance and feel of this unit which makes the difference!
Four different ambiances, all unique and equally suggestive, helping all who stay in it achieve that real one-of-a-kind holiday experience.



The houses that are part of this new inspiration make us reminisce of the old crafts that once populate our typical rural Italian landscapes.
From the workshop of the miller or the blacksmith, school or town hall, fishmonger or fruit stand, all become one holiday resort where you can feel as a true inhabitant of the village.



EMOTION – 820X400