Babe Tent

Designed as a guest room, features wooden flooring and walls, with resistant canvas doors. Fitted with two single beds which can be joined to create a double bedroom. Interior lighting with battery powered portable lamp which can be used for whenever you need to get around the campsite by night.

 Installable next to a main tent or in self camping areas whenever an extra room is required, extending the range of glamping proposals available to families, youths and travellers looking for an essential, welcoming and comfortable glamping solution. Made from a solid wooden structure, can be fully and autonomously assembled. Covered by a single canvas which simply needs to be pulled over the frame, like a hood. The canvass is fitted with a ventilation opening on the rear and a fully openable entrance with central zip and canvas clips on both sides.
Babe tent is perfect for last minute or temporary events.

BABE TENT – 240X200