Also this year the famous DJ of Radio Monte Carlo Maurizio di Maggio, with whom we have been collaborating for some time, spent part of his holidays in glamor camping discovering Sardinia, choosing to stay overnight in Crippaconcept mobile homes in two of the most beautiful structures on the island: the 4Mori Family Village and the Isuledda Holiday Center. With his words, we retrace this journey.

Di Maggio and Sardinia

The desire to be outdoors this year brought us to Sardinia, the land of the nuraghe. Between beaches, crystal clear sea, and interiors covered with woods and Mediterranean scrub, we first experienced unforgettable days on the south-eastern coast, on the long beach of Isperdigonis with a pristine pond behind it. Marco Falci of the 4Mori Family Village explained to me that theirs is a safe space, with all the tools and rules necessary to prevent environmental disasters such as the one that took place in the Oristano area, the terrible fire this summer. From the beach of Isperdigonis we moved north to Isuledda, a historic campsite for lovers of wind and sports to be practiced above and below the water. A location surrounded by the sea, where the Crippaconcept mobile homes were practically on the water! Marco Molina of the Baia Holiday Group showed me the places and beaches to visit in the surrounding area. In Sardinia we walked, swam, tasted typical cuisine and spectacular wines. We hiked in the woods, reached remote canyons, visited archaeological sites and ancient churches, met old friends, all experiencing the trendiest glamping of the moment, in the comfort of the Crippaconcept mobile homes. An unforgettable summer, a dream … indeed a New Dreams!

Interviews by Di Maggio

This holiday was also an opportunity to meet the owners of the accommodation facilities and interview them. The result was some interesting podcasts that were broadcast within the Radio Montecarlo format “Traveling with Di Maggio” on Radio Montecarlo and which we propose below for those who want to listen to them again.

Centro Vacanza Isuledda

1. Alessandro Molino – Centro Vacanza Isuledda destination

2. Alessandro Molino-Centro Vacanze Isuledda

3. Alessandro Molino – Centro Vacanza Isuledda – MobilHome

4Mori Family Village

1. Marco e Emanuele – 4Mori Family Village – Presentazione

2. Marco Farci – 4Mori Family Village – incendi

3. Marco Farci – 4Mori Family Village – mobile Home