Trend Lodge

The structure of the canvas has been studied to give the tent a more modern and youthful feel and allows the frontal opening to be adaptable to the different needs of the client staying within. The front cover is divided into several independent parts from each other, allowing a modular opening that gives dynamism to the front and allows for even total opening to enhance the feeling of great comfort and autonomy.

The new tent has a comfortable and functional structure. The living area spans the front half of the tent and consists of one open room with large windows which nudge through the canvas, making the space bright and friendly. The overall effect, once the front curtains are open, is one of harmony with the outside wooden terrace and the surroundings.

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A complete glam experience immersed in nature with the comfort of a hotel suite. All mod cons in natural surroundings. The central space is occupied by a perfect king-size bed affording a magnificent view of nature. Complete with shower, toilet and dressing room.


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