Camping Village La Rocca with the new Next Evo range by Crippaconcept offers an unparalleled luxury experience

An enchanting place at the foot of the Rocca di Bardolino (Vr) and a few meters from the lakeside, the Camping Village La Rocca represents excellence in the open-air holiday sector for its constant research into accommodation innovation and for its desire to safeguard and keep the area as natural as possible. Dr. Orsola Rizzardi, CEO of the hotel, in her recent participation in the Open Air Design Vision conference that we organized in the context of Milan Design Week 2023, explained her philosophy perfectly:
“The Rocca Camping Village is unique in Italy for its Glamping proposal that blends nature, quality of services and accommodation in all comfort.[..], in fact, it has evolved precisely in this perspective, with an attention to the balance between natural heritage and tourist proposal aimed at the customer: over time we have enhanced services such as restaurants, wellness area, shopping gallery, common areas, mini clubs with great attention and at the same time we have redeveloped the spaces going by subtraction: we have in fact reduced the number of available accommodations in favor of large personal space guaranteed for each guest. We have done so without ever losing sight of the sustainability of the redevelopments underway: in terms of materials – selected and high quality – and technologies such as the provision of photovoltaic panels or the recycling and treatment of pool water for the irrigationof the green.

This attention has led to experimenting and always looking for new housing solutions, until this year, to a very new project in collaboration with our CCD Crippa concept Camping Design department for the development of a real master plan, as well as mobile homes made exclusively for the facility.


TOP TWO the Next Evo special consisting of two super suites

This is the new 2023 and is represented by a brand new area of the campsite, positioned higher than the rest, which we wanted to leave green and as natural as possible and in which we have gone to place accommodation studied in detail to be in harmony with the context, which is exceptional, and also has a breathtaking lake view.

The new Next Evo La Rocca special range, renamed TOP TWO by the accommodation facility, has been designed with the aim of offering an unparalleled luxury camping experience. These mobile homes represent a revolutionary innovation in the design of the spaces, as they have been divided into two separate units to ensure maximum privacy and comfort for its guests.

The first unit includes a kitchen, a bathroom and a double bedroom, while the second consists of a suite with a king size bathroom. This division allows you to use the mobile home in a shared way between couples of friends or families, while allowing you to have your own private area.

The Next Evo La Rocca special, has been made with attention to the choice of materials, with the aim of giving a refined and luxurious look to the interior. The exteriors are made of natural materials, such as cork and fibre cement, in order to guarantee perfect thermal performance and high soundproofing.

The cork used on all sides of the mobile home, moreover, guarantees a perfect environmental mitigation of the structures, giving a high level of sustainability to the project.

In addition, the mobile home has a common veranda, which can be used freely by guests. This outdoor space is ideal for spending pleasant evenings in company, enjoying the panoramic view of the campsite.

In summary, the new Next Evo La Rocca special range is the perfect solution for those looking for a luxury camping experience, with refined and comfortable spaces, and high quality materials to guarantee excellent thermal and acoustic performance, together with a strong attention to environmental sustainability.

In addition, the aesthetic impact is really important and makes the environment unique.

The view, the context, the presence of the private pool on the veranda, create an atmosphere of the highest level and suitable for those who want to feel immersed in nature but with class.

“Today La Rocca Camping Village – concludes Dr. Rizzardi – really offers a unique formula for those who spend their holidays in Glamping because everything is designed so that nature remains great (and respected) protagonist”.

Surely the study process that underlies the research of materials and the design of housing solutions is fundamental for this to happen and is the main objective of CCD Crippaconcept Camping Design.