Crippaconcept: participation and meeting opportunities

In the coming months, the calendar of appointments and meetings dedicated to professionals in the open-air vacation sector is packed, and Crippaconcept will also be present thanks to prestigious collaborations that will provide an opportunity to consolidate partnerships and present new products even in markets beyond the Alps.


October 11-12-13 – TTG Rimini – Italy

TTG – INOUT 2023 in this edition promotes innovation and the adoption of sustainable practices in the industry, encouraging dialogue among professionals and the creation of products and services that meet travelers’ expectations and environmental and social priorities. It includes four different areas: SIA Hospitality Design, SUN Beach&Outdoor Style, Superfaces and the new Greenscape, which bring together the entire hospitality supply chain, including accommodations, resorts and outdoor tourism companies.

On this occasion Crippaconcept will be present with FAITA – Federcamping in the SIA Hospitality Design area with a Country Lodge that will be used as a hospitality room for the days’ meetings.

A talk from 11:45 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. titled:

The New Face of Camping: Design, Efficiency and Adaptability

by Crippaconcept

[HALL B5, Open Air Arena]

The theme of the transformation and evolution of the camping world in response to environmental needs and climate change will be explored. The following themes will be proposed:

  • Crippaconcept Camping Design: the importance of planning and design from the perspective of sustainability and adaptability.
  • Self-Assessment of the Environmental Impact of Mobile Homes: the tools and methodologies for measuring the ecological footprint of mobile homes.
  • Applying Photovoltaic Systems on Mobile Home Roofs: how to make mobile homes even more eco-friendly and energy efficient.
  • Resilience of Campsites during Severe Weather Events: what strategies can be implemented to increase the resilience of mobile homes.
  • Long Term Rent and Benefits in the Presence of Performing Mobile Homes: economic and environmental benefits of performing mobile homes, with self-assessment of environmental impact and to energy efficiency.

At the conclusion of the talk The New Face of Camping: Design, Efficiency, and Adaptability by Crippaconcept all industry professionals will be invited by Crippaconcept to the FAITA booth [HALL B5, FAITA Booth] for a Light Lunch, just before the 2 p.m. Faita National Convention [HALL B5, Open Air Arena] begins. It will be a perfect opportunity to relax, and unwind with exclusive surprise live music.

To apply for free accreditation that allows entry to the event, here.


October 19-20 – ITHIC Rome – Italy

The ITHIC, Italian Hospitality Investments Conference will be held Oct. 19 and 20 at the Hotel Villa Pamphili in Rome. This conference serves as a meeting point for senior experts from the real estate and financial sectors, along with hospitality industry leaders from nearly 10 countries. The main focus is to discuss and explore new developments in the hospitality industry in Italy.

In this context, FAITA – Federcamping and Crippaconcept will also be present at its side to discuss with the audience on the topic of environmental assessment of mobile homes.


November 7-9 – SEPT Professional Equipment Exhibition for outdoor hospitality – France

SETT, the professional exhibition of outdoor hospitality equipment, to be held in Montpellier, is dedicated to companies and professionals in the outdoor hospitality sector. Well-known and popular at the European level, it offers a platform for companies that provide equipment, services and solutions for trade also for commercial purposes.

Crippaconcept will have a booth where it will present the FreedHome 2, a model already exhibited during Milan Design Week in the spring.


November 14-15-16 – Congress of Croatian Campsites – Croatia

The congress, organized by the Croatian Camping Union (KUH), i.e. the Croatian Camping Association, has established itself as the central event for gathering and exchanging knowledge and experience, as well as for training and meeting representatives of the Croatian camping industry. For years already, Crippaconcept has participated as the main sponsor and will not fail to support the event again this year.



The FNHPA – France’s FÉDÉRATION NATIONALE DE L’HÔTELLERIE DE PLEIN AIR every year organizes a campus among its members, which aims to educate participants on the most important topics related to the outdoor vacation industry, in a context of absolute relaxation and relaxation. This year Guadeloupe, a wonderful island that is an overseas department of France and is located in the Lesser Antilles archipelago in the Caribbean, was chosen as the destination this year.

Marco Ruggiero of the Crippaconcept team will represent the company on campus.


January 12 – ADAC Camping Gala 2024

Once again this year during the ADAC Camping Gala, awards will be presented to the open-air sector accommodations that have distinguished themselves for their achievements in the following categories of interest: sustainability and environmental awareness, innovation and progress, demographic change and accessibility, and bookings on ADAC Camping. Crippaconcept, which has already been accompanying the German association for the past two years in this very important event for the sector, will also be the main sponsor in this edition and has a new prize and new gadgets in store for participants. Crippaconcept, in particular, will award the Innovation category. Read more about the 2023 edition here.


In addition to these events, 2024 will also hold other extraordinary appearances that will be revealed as soon as they are confirmed. The efforts to keep relationships within the industry alive have always been accompanied by the efforts to make the open-air vacation known and appreciated by a wider audience as well, which will continue in the coming months.