CRIPPACONCEPT ® has completed the development of the first green Mobile Home: Wonderland. An eco-sustainable mobile housing unit born from the collaboration between the manufacturer, a leading Italian company in the design and construction of structures dedicated to open-air holidays, and the AUDe research laboratory of the Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture of the University of Pavia, led by Professor Carlo Berizzi. With this development, Crippaconcept has demonstrated the commitment and investment in research for a more efficient design and production, with the aim of a long-term green evolution.

Wonderland, with its innovative design, improved performance in terms of space, is finished entirely with recycled, natural and recyclable materials, respects the environment, and fits perfectly into the landscape that hosts it, without consuming the terrain. Wonderland is part of a Circular Economy process that starts from the supply chain of materials with which it is made and that allows, once its life cycle is exhausted, the total reuse of its components; and as always, guarantees the reversibility of the camping grounds on which it is positioned, because it does not require the utilisation of new terrain or foundations.

This mobile home naturally attracts the human eye, fully reflecting the transformative experience of the open-air vacation design. This generation of mobile homes lays the foundations for the current and future design and production of green mobile homes, to continue to offer a high quality but increasingly sustainable product. For a sector, that of camping villages, which makes nature the protagonist of the experience.

Wonderland is a milestone in the industry innovation path initiated by Crippaconcept, which aims to transform natural and renewable resources into recyclable products, for safe and increasingly sustainable open-air holidays.

The Wonderland project will be presented to the public in June with a virtual event, in which all the technical characteristics of the design work will be explored and the path that led to the creation of the first prototype will be described. It can now be visited in the first open air showroom in Italy: SpazioCrippaconcept. On the same occasion, two new publications dedicated to the project, produced by the University’s research group, will also be presented.

In the path towards the creation of the innovative Wonderland mobile home, we started with an initial investment in the research conducted by AUDe of the Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture of the University of Pavia, coordinated by Prof. Carlo Berizzi and Prof. Luca Trabattoni, as well as professionals, professors and lectures who are experts in the sector involved through the design workshops and a series of meetings, such as Paolo Scoglio from The Nest Studio in Turin, and the Landscape Architecture Studio LAND Srl in Milan. The path continued with the search for recycled, natural and recyclable materials starting from the data of the Legambiente Recycle Observatory Report. Once the materials were identified, the prototype was created, which is now exhibited in the Torre d’Isola showroom. The research path in this direction will continue over the next 5 years, with the aim of creating a national classification system for mobile housing units to support the ecological transformation already underway within the national camping accommodation sector“- said Sergio Redaelli, Executive Director of Crippaconcept.

An ambitious goal, which aims to transform Crippaconcept into the Italian reference point for mobile homes and green lodge tents at the service of the landscape organization of the camping village space with housing solutions for guests attentive to design and comfort, with less and less impact on the environment.

The concept of Wonderland           

The name WONDERLAND with which it was baptised is no coincidence, because it looks a lot like an amusement park linked to a domestic space. A space of 10.20 x 4.00 metres completely designed for families with children, the main target customer for the world of glamour camping. From the outside it is immediately obvious that it is a maxi caravan, but you can already perceive the profound difference with the past, and confirmation of this are the interiors: kitchen plus living room, bedrooms, bathroom and large veranda have been conceived with a design, which at first glance, highlights the playful and family spirit with which the concept was born. The large windows immerse the mobile home completely in the surrounding nature and project the interior space outwards thanks to the large terrace, equipped with a mini-pool. What if the weather is bad? This mobile home is equipped with a multimedia system and games console to prevent boredom. But the real surprise is at the lower level, and that is where the real “wonderland” opens up: large cylindrical tunnel passages that – hidden under the terrace – create a private playground for each mobile home, or, creating a cluster – with the placement of other identical units – transform the camping area into an immense playground.