December 6, 2019 – A new project in collaboration with the Cattolica del Sacro Cuore University of Milan, closes our 2019 with a new and interactive dialogue with the mainstream public.

It’s Nuovi Sogni (New Dreams), an App designed by the students of the Master in Digital Communications Specialist, created to connect the Best of Glamour Camping in Italy, Croatia, Switzerland, France and Austria, with all travelers looking for a high profile camping solution.

To implement the innovative App, we have involved the University since, as always, we believe that collaboration with young students is of fundamental importance to know and anticipate tomorrow’s challenges. They were provided with a brief that set the goal of creating an smart tool that could connect the best glamour camping facilities – our customers – with all those who wish to spend an outdoor holiday experience.

A first idea of ​​the app came from the boys’ works. Subsequently, the project evolved and took shape in the current Nuovi Sogni, supported in a collateral way by the website, designed and built to provide facilities with the tools to easily access the circuit and enjoy the visibility that ensues.

The case history was presented during the event “Promoting Glamour Camping: designing an app from theory to practice” which took place at the Cattolica University Thursday, November 14, 2019, and which was an opportunity to reward the students of the Master of the best project and to discuss how digital innovation can contribute to the development of small and medium-sized Italian companies.


Are you a structure?



Why is the “Nuovi Sogni” app revolutionary?

The Nuovi Sogni App was born with the aim of allowing the user, through the maxi caravans we design and produce, to know a new way to connect with nature in unexpected places, thus becoming the means by which people can discover the best campsites of Italy for the holidays.

Nuovi Sogni will be a further incentive to get out of what you know to experience the pure beauty of a holiday in nature and the distinct experiences that places allow anyone who visits them. It will therefore allow a change of perspective. Each of our Camping partners will be included to celebrate their peculiarities, making sure to present all the services.

The main features of the app:

• Navigation is not traditional. The user can choose the holidays among the proposed moods and according to the CrippaConcept housing structures. It will therefore be possible to find all the camping villages that offer Mobile Home and Lodge Tents signed CrippaConcept.

• The Nuovi Sogni App will enable a “customer journey” based on the choice of the accommodation structure in which to experience the experience of a camping holiday in the destination where it is present.

• Through the Nuovi Sogni App, CrippaConcept’s partner campsites will have the opportunity to present their own structure and services to tourism, to users of Nuovi Sogni.

The tools offered by the Nuovi Sogni App of CrippaConcept will be updated and developed constantly in order to generate a virtuous circle between users and campsites.