CCD Crippaconcept Camping Design
Landscape design at the service of glamping

Crippaconcept has integrated and completed the services dedicated to Italian and European camping resort customers with an entire sector devoted to landscape analysis and design, to create carefully designed green areas where to create new clusters for open-air tourism.

It is called CCD or Crippaconcept Camping Design and is the service that Crippaconcept, main player for the design, production and marketing of mobile homes and tents lodges for outdoor tourism, integrates in its offer for support and advice to its customers to define a real MASTER PLAN within the accommodation facility.

A step forward to become increasingly the full-service reference point for excellent camping villages but also for camping areas in transition towards a new open-air holiday offer. In fact, the company’s team integrates analysis with the design of green areas in which to place mobile homes and lodge tents. Therefore, not only a careful offer of high-level accommodation with Made in Italy design and a sustainable heart is studied, but also a precise assessment of the environmental context in which they will be inserted, to guarantee the guest a high level of comfort, privacy and nature in the name of respect for the environment and its components.

The service – explains Sergio Redaelli, AD Crippaconcept – aims to support customers in the rationalization of the spaces in which to place our products, because we have often been made explicit the need to also create a coherent context. This is how the service we call CCD, Crippaconcept Camping Design, was born. Which can be modulated to meet different needs and which we are able to offer also thanks to the impressive showroom space that we created 2 years ago in the midst of the pandemic. A real glamping village of over 5000 square meters with the entire range of our products and a material library with on-site design offices that allow us to support customers before and after sales, at every stage of their project. With only one interlocutor: Crippaconcept.

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