Crippacampeggio S.r.l.provides internal channels for reporting information relating to violations of laws and regulations and the system of rules and procedures in force within the Company. These channels are not available for commercial complaints or complaints and requests related to personal interests.

With the active and responsible participation of employees and third parties, reporting any non-compliant behaviour enables the company to identify any irregularities and take timely corrective action, preventing any financial or reputational damage.

Who can report?

Anyone can send a report, even anonymously: employees, former employees, job applicants, partners, customers, suppliers, consultants, collaborators, partners and, more generally, anyone who is the legitimate bearer of an interest in the business activities of Crippacampeggio S.r.l.

The report must be adequately circumstantiated, must contain sufficient details to enable the facts reported to be ascertained (e.g. elements enabling the identification of the persons involved, the context, place and time period of the facts reported and supporting documentation).


How to report?

A whistleblowing report can be submitted via

– the Whistleblowing Portal, which guarantees the confidentiality of the whistleblower’s identity through the use of secure protocols and encryption tools. At the end of the entry, the Portal provides a nickname that allows you to log in and check the status of processing and to send and receive communications (also anonymously);

– an e-mail address:;

ordinary mail addressed to the Whistleblowing Office, at the company’s registered office. You can use the special form to fill in and send.

Anyone who receives a report, in any form (written or oral), must forward it promptly, and in any case within 7 days of receipt, to the Whistleblowing Office team, simultaneously notifying the reporter (if known) and guaranteeing absolute confidentiality.


How reports are handled

Reports are received by the Whistleblowing team, more details of which can be found in the Whistleblowing Policy.

Within 7 days of receipt, an acknowledgement of receipt of the report will be given and within 3 months of that acknowledgement, feedback will be provided on the action taken or intended to be taken on the report.


Guarantee of confidentiality and protections

Legislative Decree No. 24 of 10 March 2023 (transposition of European Directive 2019/1937 on Whistleblowing) introduced a unified regulation of whistleblowing channels and protections granted to whistleblowers in the public and private sectors.

The whistleblower, the facilitator and the persons involved in the report are guaranteed absolute confidentiality. In the case of anonymous reports, the identity of the reporter cannot be traced.

No form of personal or professional retaliation on account of the report is allowed or tolerated. If you believe you have suffered retaliation as a result of your report, you can notify the National Anti-Corruption Authority (ANAC) via the IT Platform .

All processing of personal data is carried out in accordance with data protection legislation.

To find out more, see the Whistleblowing Regulation, the Privacy Policy .


Reports to the National Anti-Corruption Authority (ANAC) through an external channel

In the event that after having made a report you do not receive an acknowledgement of receipt and/or feedback on the action taken on the report, or you have reasonable grounds to believe (on the basis of concrete circumstances and information that can actually be acquired) that the internal report would not be effectively followed up or that the report may lead to retaliation, or that the breach may constitute an imminent or obvious danger to the public interest, you may transmit a report to ANAC via the IT Platform.