Nuovi Sogni, the network launched by Crippaconcept in 2019, is preparing for a radical evolution in 2024. Originally conceived as a project to promote the most exclusive Open-Air Hospitality in Italy, the portal, which gathers all the high-quality glamour campings offering mobile homes and lodge tents made by Crippaconcept, will soon become a new booking platform for premium stays. The new site will offer all glampers the possibility to directly choose the most exclusive accommodations created by Crippaconcept, present throughout Italy, thus facilitating a unique experience characterized by the highest standards of open-air stays.

We are convinced that the new portal,” explains Sergio Redaelli, CEO of Crippaconcept, “will be positively received both by those who want to choose a glamour camping vacation with the guarantee of finding high-quality accommodations, and by the accommodation facilities which will thus have an additional channel to offer their stays, distinguishing themselves with a modern, design offer that keeps pace with new sustainability standards. The launch will be supported by a marketing campaign designed by industry professionals, who were joined by university students. These students, being naturally more open to new technologies, have been able to infuse innovative and original ideas into the project. We are very proud of the outcome and eagerly await the online launch, which will happen soon.

Sergio Redaelli

The new platform of Nuovi Sogni

The new platform, which will be available in Italian and English, still at the address, has been designed by the team at Ellow, a Marketing and Communication agency that has been managing the project on behalf of Crippaconcept since 2019. The booking implementation is also supported by Ctoutvert, a French company that has been supporting over 4000 open-air accommodation facilities with the Secureholiday system for over 20 years. This system is also chosen by major international touring clubs for outdoor vacations and the most important companies in the sector, guaranteeing real-time access to accommodation availability and allowing direct online bookings. Soon, therefore, will allow everyone to easily book high-quality stays in mobile homes and lodge tents designed by Crippaconcept, in the most enchanting and picturesque places in Italy and Europe.

The advantages of the booking proposed by will be numerous, both for those who want to book an exclusive vacation and for Crippaconcept’s camping village clients who, through Nuovi Sogni, will not only benefit from greater visibility and direct bookings but also from promoting their offer through Italy’s first glamour camping aggregator. The main advantages are:

Simple and intuitive interface that allows discovering the best open-air vacation offers, ensuring memorable and stress-free experiences. Possibility to be part of an exclusive aggregator already hosting the most important campsites in Europe, which integrates perfectly with the main management systems, making onboarding and routine reservation management simple.
Ability to select a facility based on preferred or ideal mobile homes or lodge tents for one’s needs. Simple yet comprehensive search experience. Nuovi Sogni acts as a visibility booster, but sales take place directly at the camping village through the Secureholiday interface.
System reliability and quality guarantee of the Crippaconcept/Nuovi Sogni brand. Promotional marketing support from Crippaconcept/Nuovi Sogni.
Real-time availability display and fast, intuitive booking process without neglecting any needs. Technical and SEO-oriented support for compiling and managing camping/glamping sheets to increase positioning and visibility.
Ability to choose based on the current mood, type of accommodation, or desired stay. Possibility to enjoy the advantage of being part of a certified quality circuit.


Nuovi Sogni also confirms itself as the first and main Italian aggregator of structures such as glamping, camping villages, agricamping, and theme parks with accommodation options, particularly distinguished by its commitment to spreading the culture of glamour camping. This aims to generate awareness around premium open-air experiences and inspire generations of glampers, enhancing mobile homes that allow not to consume land with a sustainability perspective. Crippaconcept’s research and development efforts focus on making these mobile homes increasingly natural, recycled, and recyclable.

The launch and development of the new Nuovi Sogni

The evolution process of Nuovi Sogni towards booking sees the active participation of the first-level Master’s in Digital Communications Specialist, born from the collaboration between ALMED – Università Cattolica and UNA – Aziende della Comunicazione Unite. Among the protagonists is Emmanuel Toussaint, founder and CEO of the Ellow agency and lecturer of the Accounting and Project Management course, who encouraged students to work on the communication of Nuovi Sogni for a “fresh” and effective promotion of the project.

The brief required the creation of an omnichannel and experience-oriented communication plan that could convey the benefit of living a glamping experience at Nuovi Sogni affiliated facilities, considering both village life and exclusive Crippaconcept structures. For content creation, Master’s students had the opportunity to be guests for a day at Crippaconcept’s showroom in the province of Pavia, fully immersing themselves in the Glamping experience. The output then proposed various approaches, summarized into four plans that were analyzed and used as the basis for the final promotional project that Ellow designed to enhance the platform.

Learning how to support a company in achieving its goals through a digital communication strategy,” explains Nicoletta Vittadini, master director, “is a fundamental aspect of student training. The collaboration with Crippaconcept and Prof. Toussaint allows students not only to receive a brief but also to come into contact with the products and values of the brand. Therefore, for us, it is particularly educational.

The Glamour Camping Experience through Nuovi Sogni

Nuovi Sogni positions itself as a showcase for the best glamour camping experiences, guiding and fostering the convergence between the world of high-quality open-air villages and the universe of “glampers”. Platform users will be able to navigate and choose the ideal destination from the various contexts offered by the territory, letting themselves be inspired by the current mood, the type of accommodation for the desired stay, as well as the itineraries and activities offered by facilities immersed in surprising territories.

Credits Armin Rimoldi

Nuovi Sogni will not be a simple “mediator” but an actor that, thanks to Crippaconcept’s experience and authority and its informative and inspirational content, is able to “guide” users in their choice. The profound knowledge of this market’s dynamics and digital expertise has resulted in a comprehensive web proposal capable of meeting the needs and desires of people who love living premium open-air experiences.

This evolution of Nuovi Sogni represents a significant step forward in the world of glamping in Italy, offering all travelers the opportunity to experience high-quality open-air stays in harmony with nature. With the technological support of Ctoutvert, web development, and communication strategies developed by Ellow, and the valuable contribution of students trained by ALMED and Università Cattolica, Nuovi Sogni is ready to redefine the concept of glamorous open-air vacations.

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