The SUN Beach&Outdoor Style exhibition – which will take place from Wednesday 10 to Friday 12 October 2018 – has prepared an entire area dedicated to glamping and the most innovative ways to enjoy the camping experience. Roberto Semprini will celebrate environmental sustainability and the return to the rural roots as a new way of enjoying the open-air holiday experience. The aim of Agricole Glamping is to put you back in contact with the rural world. It’s a sensorial journey that will involve both grownups and kids in an olfactory, visual, and tactile experience.

The core of the project – in full country style – is the mobile home of the Emotion range, by Crippaconcept, with its red colour and white trimmings. The ideal accommodation to reproduce this setting in any outdoor context. We met Architect Roberto Semprini, the creator of Agricole Glamping, to find out more about this concept.

How did you come up with this idea?

I drew inspiration from a need that is emerging spontaneously as a reaction to the decreasing quality of life, in terms of health and wellbeing, over the past ten years. For too long, we have lost the perception that we are part of nature. This has led us to battle against stress, diseases, anxiety, you name it. Now we are starting to understand that human beings are nature themselves and this detail cannot be disregarded anymore. We have to rediscover our essence and, if it’s not possible for everyone to apply this concept to our everyday living, we can still decide to take a break from the chaos and try to regain the balance we’ve lost. That’s how I conceived a place in which this dimension is the only dimension possible.

What are its distinctive features?

One of the main features is its distinctive design, which evokes the stereotype of a farm and its lifestyle while focusing on aesthetics. From a technical point of view, the mobile home is equipped with every comfort to ensure a comfortable stay in a unique atmosphere. The external area is the place to enjoy direct contact with nature, also thanks to its furnishings, without disregarding beauty and wellbeing. Visitors will find the most popular medicinal herbs and information about their beneficial properties in the garden to make them enjoy their fragrance even more.

Why did you choose a CrippaConcept mobile home?

The CrippaConcept mobile home best interprets this theme, providing an excellent product from a technical and qualitative point of view. Moreover, it does not disregard the aesthetic aspect, with its distinctive and evocative design, providing a solution that helps create a “rural” atmosphere.

In your opinion, where can this project be applied to? (Provided that it cannot be developed by a private entity).

I hope that enlightened holiday home entrepreneurs can understand how important it is to provide their clients with added value. Something that goes beyond meeting common requirements. I hope that the Agricole Glamping resorts, made with these mobile homes for the purposes we were mentioning earlier, can become very popular in Italy and abroad to provide greater wellbeing and improve the quality of life.  And I hope that this project can be developed by private entities as well, since we haven’t set any limits.

What kind of feedback are you expecting from your presence at the SUN exhibition?

I expect the audience to understand that beauty, design, quality of life, and psychophysical wellbeing are bound to nature and that these elements can be found also on holiday.

You can visit Semprini’s installation at the SUN exhibition in Rimini, at the Camping&Village Show area, pavilion D6.