Crippaconcept develops a special Queenslander for Holiday Village Florenz, bringing camping into the future of accommodation.

The Holiday Village Florenz is recognised as one of the best camping villages on the Adriatic coast. Located in Lido degli Scacchi (Fe), it has always stood out for its hospitality and innovation.

The recent projects, also involving Crippaconcept, push the accommodation to an unprecedented level, both from a design point of view that goes so far as to involve the three principles of density/privacy, perspective/protection and the natural/artificial relationship,  as well as inclusivity and services for people with disabilities, a focus that has always been placed, but now also embraces the blind and visually impaired.

With regard to this last aspect, the project developed in cooperation with the associations Village for All and La Girobussola Aps has recently been implemented, with its first realisation in Italy in a campsite, where an entire mobile home district, the beach, the village and its services, have been described in detail, with information materials in Braille and tactile maps for orientation.

In particular, for a special category of mobile homes, the Leonardo, created by Crippaconcept, specific materials were installed to describe them in detail in all their spaces and services, so that they can be easily inhabited by those who cannot see. A project that adds a not inconsiderable unique value to the mobile homes, which in themselves are undoubtedly among the top of the camping village range, both in terms of their special location and the services attached to them.


We are talking about the Queenslandermobile home, ideal for hosting up to five people. There are two bedrooms, one with a double bed and another with a double bed and a raised bed; two full bathrooms, a living room with kitchenette and a veranda with a splendid Jacuzzi and, an extraordinary walkable terrace where you can admire the sea from the height of the dunes in which the accommodation is sheltered. The area is green and privacy is guaranteed thanks to an exclusive private garden, ideal for those with small children or pets.

A super-comfortable environment that, together with the specially created information material, makes the holiday suitable for the needs of an increasing number of people. Specifically, the booklet produced contains Braille maps of the maxi-caravan explaining where all objects, appliances, rooms and services are located: buttons, sockets, utensils. A great deal of descriptive work also took into account the specific layout, as the Queenslander Leonardo models, of which there are nine in total, are mirrored in pairs and specific materials were required for each of the two layouts.

“The process of incorporating these information materials is not as simple as we would like,” explains Sergio Redaelli, Crippaconcept CEO. “Every campsite, every company and every project is different, with its own set of rules, protocols and requirements. It takes time for this integration to happen, but thanks to the invention of incredible new solutions like these, which include architectural designs and concepts that focus on a more inclusive, cleaner, safer and more sustainable future for the industry, the industry is being pushed forward.

We see this development as an example of co-living, where the focus is on shared resources and common spaces that do not classify the guest, so that everyone can enjoy inclusive accommodations, as well as garden areas, workspaces, gyms, swimming pools and playgrounds. Co-living architecture includes the possibility of restaurants, bars and technologies offered in line with the modern lifestyle. We believe, that this approach to life is truly revolutionary and should be pursued.”

In addition, further customised services were created, such as the delivery of menus to the home, the delivery of groceries from the market, the creation of a pedo-tactile path and, above all, the training of trained staff to support the holiday of these guests. An accessible hospitality kit was also produced, which contains tactile plans of the village and its services in Braille.

“We are very proud of this project,” explains Barbara Travagli, marketing manager of the Holiday Village Florenz, “which makes us currently unique among private accommodation facilities to have implemented it. There have been many requests and for the current season they have even exceeded availability, which is why we absolutely believe that it will be expanded and extended to other mobile homes as well, first and foremost our Michelangelo, top of the range homes directly on the sea, which will follow the Leonardo route.”

The Michelangelos are also mobile home Queenslanders sister to the Leonardo. They are coated externally with material for ventilated façades, mass-coloured white, characterised by a semi-glossy, slightly striated surface with colour shading, which gives the panel an elegant and natural appearance, with many benefits:

fire resistance (they do not ignite, do not spread fire), sound insulation, resistance to extreme temperatures and even frost, water resistance, resistance to many living organisms (fungi, bacteria, insects, parasites, etc.), resistance to many chemicals, environmentally friendly, no emission of harmful gases in addition to solidity and lightness.

The lines of the interior are fine, with a: dry, lively, dynamic appearance in the colour palette of oak, the interior nuances can be accentuated by orientation, or by the viewing angle and light effects.

Elegantly mitigated in the environmental context, which is that of the sea. They are in an exceptional location with a glass veranda overlooking the sea and a private garden that makes the environment intimate and, thanks to the fence, allows for a peaceful holiday, even for those with small children or animals. The size of the garden varies from house to house because the terrain has been respected to create a perfect balance and a unique atmosphere.

The exclusive location that distinguishes both the Leonardo and the Michelangelo and the choice of accommodations such as Queenslander, top of the Crippaconcept range, combined with the extraordinary attention that the Holiday Village Florenz reserves for its guests, make this project certainly an example of good practice and something to be inspired by.

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