Sergio Redaelli gave an interview to Business 24 , Friday 8 October 2021 – Channel 821 of SKY.
Business24 is the Italian newspaper for information for the business sector , specializing in interviews with entrepreneurs and managers.

Sergio Redaelli granted a brief interview to Business 24, where he was able to deepen and launched some ideas on the hospitality tourism sector in the open air as well as important news on Crippaconcept products and which innovations not to miss confidence in the future.

This year the tourism market has seen a widening gap between a recovering domestic market, a local incoming market and still some suffering from international airborne tourism.

In this context, many fronts of trust have opened up for the next 2022, in response to the new needs of demand and the Open air tourism offer . The camping holiday can be an unrepeatable development tool, but to fully grasp the opportunities it is necessary to carry out many information activities, on the strategic vision that we intend to pursue and on the tools that we intend to adopt in the future.

We talked about it Friday 8 October 2021 on Channel 821 SKY

You can watch it here!