The need for distancing and the strict hygiene-sanitary rules of recent months have highlighted the need to build a mobile sanitation unit, which can be easily repositioned in the campsite landscape design. The solution is extremely flexible, does not eschew design requirements and ensures safety on an open-air holiday.

The Crippaconcept engineers have worked constantly in Research & Development and have developed a complete, independent, mobile bathroom unit intended for camping pitches for tents, caravans, and campers, as well as spas and swimming pools, which require individual bathroom facilities.

A private facility equipped with sink, toilet, bidet, large shower cabin and fitted for a washing machine/washer-dryer to be placed directly on the pitch. Easy to install, it is made with components that can be fully recycled at the end of their life cycle. All that is needed is the connection to the electrical and water system; there is no need to provide foundations or supporting masonry structures. The bathroom unit is removable and does not require land consumption. It follows the eco-sustainable trend that characterises holidays in contact with nature.

This unit expands the range of services that a campsite can offer and provides the option for people camping in tents, campers or caravans to have private bathroom facilities right on the pitch. The unit is very spacious and is easily manageable even for people with disabilities and families with children, including very young ones, to whom the glamping and camping sector is particularly attentive.

The product, already tested in some campsites in summer 2020, has proved to be a real success and much appreciated by those who decided to use it. For this reason, Crippaconcept has decided to aim for a restyling, improve its habitability and expand the large-scale production of three different models (Easy, Lux and Twin).

The Crippaconcept range consists of 16 models of mobile home and 8 models of lodge tents, without taking into account the infinite, almost total customisation options that can be done according to customer needs. Today, this range is being expanded by a new project synonymous with flexibility and safety: the independent bathroom unit.