Also this year ANWB, the Dutch association dedicated to mobility, tourism and leisure, famous throughout Europe and a reference point for many campers, awarded the best campsites in Europe for 2022 in 4 categories: best small campsite, best family campsite, most popular campsite and most beautiful campsite.

Precisely in the category of most popular accommodation, which sees us most directly involved as producers of mobile homes and lodge tents, we are pleased to celebrate the victory of Tamarit Beach Resort, our customer in Tarragona, Spain.

ANWB explained the awarding of this coveted prize:

“This campsite certainly lives up to its status as a resort thanks to an enviable location that makes you forget you are on a campsite. It is located in the middle of the greenery, and here you can choose between luxurious mobile homes or lodge tents, recalling the colours of the beach. For those seeking tranquillity there is also a wellness area; for the more active it offers many sports activities such as padel, tennis, water sports and fitness. The super-deluxe swimming pool completes the picture: this is undoubtedly a beautiful camping village.”

In the announcement of the award by the Tamarit Beach Resort, a beautiful image of A – Luxury lodge by Crippaconcept stands out, in this version closed with a glass window that makes it decidedly glam and chic. The lodge tents were placed in one of the greenest areas of the campsite to create a high-profile glamping area, which immediately received praise from all guests.

Xavier Melero, director of the Tamarit Beach Resort, thanked all the people who work with him, the collaborators and suppliers for their constant commitment, which for over 60 years has been guiding the campsite towards sustainability and eco-sustainability.

We at Crippaconcept also work in an extremely dynamic and interesting market that is rapidly accelerating. This creates a positive environment with significant development opportunities. We will continue to invest in R&D and innovation to provide customers with increasingly efficient and sustainable solutions. We are hugely excited that our customers are receiving awards like these, confirming that we are on the right track.

We are grateful that this focus on creating eco-sustainable accommodation is being recognised by international associations and their members, who increasingly appreciate our accommodation for this aspect as well as its design, comfort, quality of materials, and our on-demand services.


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