A week dedicated entirely to career opportunities in the tourism sector was organised at the end of November by the FMTU, Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management of the University of Rijeka, in Opatija in Croatia, with the aim of helping students get to know more about tourism products and the consequent professional opportunities offered by them. This was an important opportunity for collaboration for Crippaconcept, which has a production site in Poreč, and which has always been very attentive to research and the University, and so was more than willing to be an active participant in the programme.

The project stems from the awareness that in recent years there has been a rediscovery of the concept of the holiday in contact with nature. Campsites fully represent this type of tourism because they allow you to enjoy vacations that are completely safe, private and immersed in greenery. The motto “Go green” is, therefore, to be understood as a new opportunity that students must explore, because they will be the operators in the immediate future. In addition, camping in Croatia is not only a fantastic opportunity on a professional and business level, but it can also be the driving force for a more general transformation of the territory.

To bring them closer to this sector, an area was set up in the courtyard of the Faculty where the students had the opportunity to see for themselves a Crippaconcept mobile home and imagine a holiday immersed in nature, where luxury comfort is combined with a structure that adapts perfectly to its surroundings. From design to reality. There was also a camper and other camping equipment. The lessons were completely dedicated to this theme both on a practical and theoretical level, with the involvement of numerous experts and manufacturers.

Daniela Matosevic, trade representative for Croatia, spoke urging the students to make a positive contribution to the sector: “We see it every day now, looking at the social trends and Google searches, that the camping is establishing itself as the biggest opportunity in this historic moment. This is because it promises relaxation and fun, in comfortable and accessible designer accommodation, and above all in wonderful natural parks. All this, nowadays, is priceless.

There are big challenges in the camping sector and the University is definitely the ideal place to train new professionals and give space to ideas. Be innovators and forerunners of new trends. Our sector needs you, your initiative and fresh ideas.”

Together with her, speaking to the participants, there was also Oliver Lulić from the Croatian Camping Association (Kuh), who presented their ERASMUS project related to camping, and Hrvoje Jurić, a well-known travel writer and blogger who has travelled the world by bicycle, but also in a camper, who inspired us with his stories.

An extremely interesting initiative that Crippaconcept is proud to have participated in.