2021 is confirmed as a year full of new things and innovative projects for our company which recently participated in the construction of the first glamping resort in a Biopark. This is the Lake Eyasi Resort, inaugurated in June 2021 at ZOOM Turin.

Specifically, 20 Crippaconcept lodges have been temporarily positioned in an area of the park overlooking the artificial basin, recreating a setting inspired by Lake Eyasi in Tanzania, its biodiversity and the peoples who inhabit it. A unique and exclusive place where you can stay for a real wildlife experience and experience ZOOM Turin in an even more immersive and total way.

The first Glamping in a biopark: the project

The Lake Eyasi Resort, on the construction of which we have collaborated starting from the design of the mobile homes and lodge tents in compliance with the environmental context and the hospitality needs of Zoom, will be the first glamping in Italy hosted inside a biopark, which offers its visitors the opportunity to stay at night too and thus be able to experience the habitats in an alternative and exclusive way. A mobile structure, built on a temporary basis, for the first edition of the schedule of events in honour of Tanzania, which will be operating from June to October 2021.

During the summer, guests can breathe the culture of one of the most fascinating African countries and participate in exclusive activities to learn about local customs and traditions of the African continent.

The mobile homes and lodge tents, created and customised exclusively for the park, combine research and design totally Made in Italy.

The rigorous aesthetic rendering, in line with the trends of contemporary living, are perfectly integrated into the environment, without soil consumption and without the need to build walking surfaces or foundations, as they are completely mobile and removable.

Small masterpieces of bio-architecture by Crippaconcept that make a stay in this accommodation a real immersion in nature, halfway between the rustic and the exotic, between a charming hotel room and a camping tent.

The interior design project was designed by the park together with Sara Rombolà from Turin, owner of the “Pink House” interior design shop located in the Piedmont capital.

In-depth research into the culture, colours, materials, textures and habits and customs that characterise the habitation of the peoples who live on the shores of Lake Eyasi has allowed us to reproduce it in Italy.

The accommodations on offer at the Lake Eyasi Resort in Zoom Turin

There are three different types of accommodation we produce, on offer at Zoom’s Lake Easy Resort, which differ not only in the size of the spaces but also in the features offered. All housing units are equipped with a veranda set up where you can relax in the open-air after a day in the park.

Villa Tribal House – Evo Queenslander

7 Units

It is an evolution of Crippaconcepts most exclusive model Queenslander. This new edition, designed with simple, elegant geometric shapes and technical design solutions, has become an exclusive holiday eco-house for Zoom Resort.

Located on the shores of the bio lake, the mobile home offers guests a sense of total connection with the surrounding nature.

Evo Queenslander has panoramic windows, diffused light inside and numerous modern energy efficiency systems. It provides a common space for the living area, two bedrooms and a large bathroom for the sleeping area, in 32, comfortable, square metres. (32sqm-2 bedrooms-max 5 people).

Lodge Wild Adventure – Evo Mini

7 Units

The second solution for hospitality signed by Crippaconcept is a 20sqm suite, equipped with a large master bedroom, a very comfortable full bathroom and a living space where you can relax in the enchanting natural scenery of the biopark. It is a more intimate solution, with a clean and essential design but of great impact, thanks also to the large size of the outdoor space. Its large panoramic entrance extends the sense of openness, with side windows providing ventilation and additional natural light. The most intimate of the proposals has a strong African character, both with regard to the colours and the materials and a clean and essential design which still has a great impact. (20sqm-1 bedroom-max 3 people).

Nature Camp Tent – Mini Lodge SR

6 Units

The wildest solution, a real tent, inspired by the architectural lines of the most classic safari tents. The large entrance window is one of the distinctive features of this accommodation.

Thanks to the entrance in tempered glass, in fact, the guests inside the lodge experience the connection with the surrounding nature in an all-encompassing way. The interior features open spaces separated only by the bathroom. The open space continues naturally onto the private panoramic terrace, offering unforgettable moments of relaxation. Two technical elements confirm the minimum environmental impact both in an aesthetic and functional key: the walls in waterproof technical fabric in the colours of nature, ensure they are perfectly in harmony with the natural setting, almost invisible, merged into the environment. (14sqm – Open Space – max 2 people).

Three of these tents, the Water Camps, will be positioned in a more secluded area, on a strip of land that extends towards the centre of the lake.

Those staying in the Lodges also have the option to add a “baby” tent to be placed outside the main tent, on the patio, for the children to stay in, making them feel like they are on a real campsite in the middle of the Savannah.

During their stay, moreover, visitors will have free access to all the habitats of the park and to the two beaches that reproduce African settings: Bolder Beach, where you can swim next to African penguins separated only by a glass window and relax on the white beach where there are umbrellas and African-style deckchairs or Malawi Beach with pink sand and a swimming pool with gentle currents.

Definitely an experience to enjoy and one that we are very happy to have contributed to creating by making available our experience in the construction of mobile and eco-friendly accommodation.