This year, Crippaconcept has chosen to participate in Milan Design Week, an event of international significance, to unveil a novel collaboration with the architecture and Design Studio of Matteo Thun: the HELIOS mobile home. The selected venue is noteworthy: the ADI Design Museum, where the new concept will be showcased in the garden area at Piazza del Compasso d’Oro 1, from 16 to 21 April, open from 10:00 to 20:00.

The ADI Design Museum in Milan celebrates excellence and innovation in industrial and productive design, located at the city’s heart. There is no better place to exhibit Crippaconcept’s latest creation, marking its third appearance at Milan Design Week as part of DDNHub. This year, we present the HELIOS mobile home, a forefront in mobile living solutions for open-air tourism, realised from last year’s announced collaboration with the renowned studio of Matteo Thun. HELIOS embodies sustainability and functional space design for glamping vacations, ensuring uninterrupted nature contact. It is a temporary and removable ‘home’ solution in three timeless styles: essential, classic, and modern.

The ADI Design Museum was created to showcase the entire repertoire of projects in the historical collection of the Compasso d’Oro award. This award was created in 1954 thanks to an idea by Gio Ponti to promote the quality of Made in Italy design and today it is the oldest and most authoritative form of recognition within the industry worldwide.
The museum is managed by the ADI Compasso d’Oro Collection Foundation, established in 2001 by ADI – the Association for Industrial Design to safeguard and enhance the artifacts built up over the decades of the award. This is a national cultural legacy, recognized by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage as “of exceptional artistic and historical interest”. More info:

Open Air Design Vision: A Gathering on 18th April at the ADI Design Museum

From 16th to 21st April, at ADI Design Museum – Piazza del Compasso D’Oro 1, with visiting hours from 10:30 to 20:00, the HELIOS will be open to visitors. Visitors can explore every characteristic of its design and innovation. During Fuorisalone and Milan Design Week, Crippaconcept presents the Open Air Design Vision on 18th April from 13:30. This event is dedicated to sharing knowledge and celebrating the culture of open-air holidays. Experts, academics, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts will engage in discussions on highly relevant topics and explore new ventures, including HELIOS. Year by year, Crippaconcept is recognized for its pioneering innovations in the sector, a reputation strengthened by ongoing partnerships with leading universities and architectural studios. The event starts with the Open Air Brunch Experience progressing to the Camping & Design Talk at 15:30, and offers a guided museum tour at 17:30 for interested attendees. To access the day’s agenda register to the event, please visit

HELIOS: The New Mobile Home by Crippaconcept in Collaboration with Matteo Thun and Benedetto Fasciana.

Named after the sun, HELIOS symbolises well-being and enriches the living experience within this innovative housing module, a joint effort by Crippaconcept, Matteo Thun, and Benedetto Fasciana.
As a detachable housing solution, HELIOS emerges from a vision for future accommodation needs, fitting seamlessly into modern outdoor hospitality settings. These mobile homes, designed for easy installation and removal, cater to the evolving preferences of eco-aware travellers, aiming for sustainability and a deep connection with nature.
Spanning 40 square metres (10.40×4.60 dimensions), HELIOS boasts a minimalist yet sophisticated design with maritime influences. Its front facade, divided into three sections, features a spacious patio, creating an inviting and functional narrative.
HELIOS adapts to various hospitality environments through three distinct styles:
  • Classic: Inspired by Mediterranean architecture, dominated by white and terracotta finishes that blend seamlessly with the natural surroundings, offering a timeless and essential aesthetic.
  • Modern: Reflects the bold chromatic schemes of mid-20th-century modernist design, presenting a vibrant and dynamic exterior.
  • Essential: A stark, achromatic exterior with a warm, wood-centric interior, embodying simplicity and elegance.


The interior layout mirrors the home’s exterior division, offering spacious and functional living spaces. It accommodates up to five guests with comfort, featuring an open-plan living and kitchen area, two bedrooms, and related bathrooms, all accessible via sliding glass doors that connect seamlessly to the outdoor patio.

The partnership between Crippaconcept and Matteo Thun & Partners has yielded the ‘HELIOS SYSTEM’, enhancing the production process by optimising element assembly and reducing waste, thereby achieving efficiency and sustainability in design.
Installation of HELIOS is straightforward, requiring no foundational work—just connection to utilities. Its mobility, compact size, and comfortable interiors open avenues for future innovations, potentially extending beyond open-air tourism to broader applications in sustainable living.