Among the CrippaConcept creations presented as an innovation in 2020 , Wonderland stands out, a project that has a deeply innovative approach to the world of mobile homes, created from the collaboration with the University of Pavia and the Department of Civil Engineering – Architecture and the AML Laboratory and dedicated to the family. The maxi caravan is equipped with the most modern technologies for the smart home thanks to the multimedia system installed, but that is not all. The internal design of the spaces is conceived as a playful-recreational area for a family with children but does not forget the adults, with an exclusive Jacuzzi on the terrace. Its double-height system uses the space under the terrace to create a fully-fledged playground.

From the outside it is immediately visible that it is a maxi caravan but you can already perceive its profound difference from the past and this is reconfirmed by the interiors: kitchen plus living room, bedrooms, bathroom and large veranda have clearly been designed to highlight the playful, family spirit from which the concept stems. The large windows immerse the mobile home completely in the surrounding nature and project the interior space outwards thanks to the large terrace, which as we have said is equipped with a Jacuzzi.

The Wonderland at 4 Mori for solidarity

The Wonderland was chosen by the 4 Mori Family Village, the welcoming family campsite in Muravera, located on the south east coast of Sardinia, for a solidarity project in collaboration with the Il Sogno Spettacoloso association.
Established in 2017 by the the will of Mr Maurizio Porcu and fifteen other people to give support to families dealing with disabilities, the association Il Sogno Spettacoloso, aims to create inclusive structures, as well as provide logistical and also economic support to those who cannot afford to let their children practice a sport.
Very important themes that the 4 Mori Family Village wanted to embrace by supporting the association and dedicating to it the brand new Wonderland located in the structure, which was inaugurated in July 2020 in the presence of Maurizio Porcu, creator and founder of Sogno Spettacoloso, his son Matteo affected by a rare disease, his partner Susy and founding member of the association, Alessia, another founding member, Marco Farci and Emanuele Tocchetti, managers of 4Mori and Sergio Redaelli, owner of CrippaConcept.

(Photo taken before the DPCM)

The solidarity activity linked to the maxicaravan dedicated to families, reinforced a long-standing relationship between the association and the owners of the campsite who, for 2020, in collaboration with CrippaConcept, decided to donate a part of the proceeds from the sale of stays in the Wonderland to finance the research and planning of “Sogno Spettacoloso”, that is a tourist accommodation facility suitable for hosting families who have one or more disabled people in their family unit. The collaboration will also continue in the coming years.
«I believe that solidarity is one of the most important values – Marco Farci emphasised during the inauguration and start of this project – We are all connected with someone else, we are interdependent. We at 4Mori live in a community, which is Sarrabus, and we have the duty to put aside individualism and, on the contrary, we must help and support each other. We liked the idea of Sogno Spettacoloso from the very beginning because we too, in our small way, have always tried to make 4Mori accessible to people with various types of disabilities. We too will continue to work in this direction and at the same time we are happy to contribute, albeit to a small extent, to implementing the ideas of Sogno Spettacoloso”.
A truly commendable project that we hope will lead in a short time to the opening of this new accommodation facility that really looks like a spectacular dream!