In the past few months, CrippaConcept has started a new communication process to let industry players, end-users, and those who use our mobile homes and lodge tents for their holidays learn more about our brand and company. For the SUN exhibition in Rimini, we have involved one of Italy’s most popular and followed blogging families. We are talking about Bambiniconlavaligia, who were with us during the exhibition and have told their readers about our latest news. With amazing results.

Who are Giulia and Fabio from Bambiniconlavaligia and why we have chosen them?

The Bambiniconlavaligia family is made up of four people, Giulia (the mother), Fabio (the father), and the two kids, Simone and Siria, with baby number three on the way. Congratulations! They’ve turned their passion for travels into their job, which is based on solid grounds, that of photography, copywriting, and social media management, they’re true experts in. Their blog and social media outlets have grown in just a few years, and now count a considerable number of followers.

The blog generates over 2,500,000 views in one year, with over 100,000 individual users a month. Their followers on social media are over 100,000, [Facebook 66,642; Instagram over 3,000; YouTube over 2,000]. Their blog and social media are all dedicated to their travel experiences, daily life, and they answer to all their followers, who ask for tips on a daily basis.

But this is not the only reason why we have chosen them.

We immediately fell in love with the Bambiniconlavaligia family because they have already experienced our mobile homes and tents. So they know them well, they appreciate them, and wanted to share their experience. Their Facebook page is full of posts dedicated to their camping holidays. They shared photos and stories of what was the perfect holiday for a 4-member family who wanted to feel at home in a facility that offers many services and lots of nature. Many of our mobile homes and tents have already been promoted.

Storytelling and the users’ appreciation

We didn’t know what to expect. But now that the SUN exhibition is over, we are extremely happy for this collaboration. In fact, thanks to this partnership, many users have provided us with feedback on the homes and tents they have read about.

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Viva la Libertà, Viva. Vivere senza orologio in mano, vivere leggeri e liberi senza sovrastrutture, vivere semplicemente ma anche con qualche comodità (che non fanno mica poi tanto male), vivere all’aria aperta respirando a pieni polmoni, vivere di sogni e di voglia di vivere, vivere ogni attimo senza mai sprecare un respiro che forse è la cosa più importante da insegnare ai nostri bambini. Ieri abbiamo incontrato un’azienda che della libertà ha fatto un suo mood creando e pensando a delle soluzioni per vivere all’aria aperta una vacanza senza mai perdere di vista la bellezza e le comodità. Avete visto che belle che sono le case mobili e tende glamping di @crippaconcept ? Oggi continuiamo la scoperta di questa azienda perchè mi sa che vi è piaciuta un sacco. #ourcolorlife . . . #liveauthentic#travelawesome#bestintravel#weknowbecausewego#passionpassport#stayandwander#openmyworld#keepexploring#lookslikeafilm#liveoutdoors#earthfocus#travelcolorfully#discoverglobe#theglobewanderer#livethelittlethings#thatauthenticfeeling#ritrovailbello#instamamme#camping#mammasboom

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E’ sempre stato uno dei miei sogni da piccolina vivere una vacanza in tenda e adesso che di piccolino c’è solo un bel pancino ho trasmesso questo desiderio ai miei figli. Quando l’ho vista ho subito pensato a loro, a quanto il senso di protezione, avventura e divertimento faccia parte del vivere una vacanza in questa tenda stupenda. Mi sa che proprio che la prossima estate una vacanzina in una tenda @crippaconcept ci sta tutta…ma psss non glielo dite! Venite con noi? 3…2…1 chi vorrebbe fare una vacanza in una tenda @crippaconcept? #ourcolorlife . . . #liveauthentic#travelawesome#bestintravel#weknowbecausewego#passionpassport#stayandwander#openmyworld#keepexploring#lookslikeafilm#liveoutdoors#earthfocus#travelcolorfully#discoverglobe#theglobewanderer#livethelittlethings#thatauthenticfeeling#ritrovailbello#instamamme#camping#mammasboom

Un post condiviso da Fabio&Giulia (@bambiniconlavaligia) in data:

Many followers are asking for information about the campsites hosting our mobile homes and tents, where they can enjoy their camping experience with all the amenities and comfort. A virtuous circle that will also involve all holiday homes, which starts from the knowledge of the product and the company behind the product who works to make our guests feel as comfortable and cosy as ever. Crippacampeggio has been evolving since 1967, offering continuous innovation in this sector.

For further information about this operation or to be involved in the next activities (if you’re a campsite), contact us at