Crippaconcept presents the open air holiday concept through the stories of social influencers: the protagonists include the “super class Camping” of our country.

They are kids, they are Young Families, they are influencers and with the hashtag “# Crippaconceptglamping”. For the third consecutive year, they will narrate the open air holiday in the influencer marketing project promoted by Crippaconcept – Engineering Mobile Home and Lodge Tent for the Best Glamour Campings, a company that deals with the creation of high quality mobile housing solutions that are synonymous with open air holidays in terms of comfort and Italian design but also functionality and environmental sustainability.

During spring and summer 2022, the young content creators will describe over 1.9 million young followers, 16 of the best Italian camping villages, in addition to the Lake Heyasi Resort, the first of its kind in Italy, built in Turin’s Zoom Biopark. The services, the beautiful territorial and cultural resources, the uniqueness of each location and the accommodations that will host them will be presented. The social testimonials of the 16 top influencers can be followed live on their respective channels and on the official profiles of @crippaconcept and

With this new national campaign, Crippaconcept will narrate the uniqueness of the contemporary outdoor holiday in our territory, also in the eyes of Italian travellers, with in-depth insights on the experiences of open air lifestyle, summer fashion, food, family, culture and art.

“The # Crippaconceptglamping project – explains Sergio Redaelli, CEO of the company – helps the development of glamorous camping holidays by presenting sustainable solutions and mobile design accommodations, less known to Italians, with the aim of promoting and creating awareness of an accommodation segment such as that of open air villages that still suffers from a little prejudice and resistance related to past concepts and which, instead, today, is composed of premium structures such as open air villages in which glamping is also offered. These are the current new trends.

Our aim is to enhance and promote a new, high quality holiday formula, experienced in the midst of nature, in high standard mobile homes with the same comforts as at home, guaranteeing extraordinary services to the guest.”

The green vision of camping villages in the story of influencers

The influencers will have the opportunity to experiment and tell how the experience in open-air villages takes place in full respect of nature and with a special attention to the sustainability of the environment in which the accommodation solutions are located, but always maintaining a “luxury touch”. So if there is anyone who still thinks that you have to give up comfort to be in touch with nature, they will think again!

By adopting an all-round smart green vision, the Open Air Villages in fact promote green tourism, by exercising the ecological option, both by managers and their customers. Sustainability policies are pursued to protect and conserve the ecosystem and natural habitats in which the facilities are located, through the minimization of pollution and environmental impact.

Some of the good practices implemented are: the reduction of energy consumption with the installation of photovoltaic panels, the use of electric vehicles and bicycles for the internal movements of staff and guests, water saving, efficient and environmentally friendly waste disposal, the ethical purchase of products for the markets, according to seasonality and local characteristics, the design of large areas for mobile accommodations, in order to ensure security, privacy and tranquillity for each guest.

In addition, from the holidaymaker’s point of view, closer holiday destinations mean shorter distances to travel to reach them and significantly reduce CO2 emission levels. Visiting an area of naturalistic or cultural interest by exploring it on foot, by bicycle or even on horseback, are experiential possibilities with a strong green orientation that attract an increasing number of tourists.

And Italy stands out for the highest number of glamorous camping locations with the highest European recognition for the quality of accommodation facilities and excellence in guest services. ADAC Camping and Leading Camping of Europe confirm this with their Camping “Superplaz” and “Top class Camping” accolades in our country.

The social resonance and the effects of the activity

“The collaboration with the influencers will allow us to highlight what the open air holiday currently represents on social media, with an expectation of over 1.9 million users involved, potentially interested in the open air glamping holiday experience in Italy, and 1 billion impressions” – explains Vanessa Redaelli Social Media Manager Crippaconcept.

In addition to this, the initiative sustains the consolidation of the marketing collaboration between Crippaconcept and the campsites involved, which contribute to the realization of the experiences, providing authentic experiences of high value and rich in different services to the guest in large open spaces in contact with nature, as well as much fun for adults and children, families, couples, friends and also for pet travellers.

The # Crippaconceptglampingcampaign will be followed by further initiatives already under study, to tell about the Italian Camping holiday and its beauty, together with  because, as per the main claim “if you live it, you love it”.

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