CRIPPACONCEPT GOES ON SAFARI Glamping goes beyond its “commonplaces”:

Lake Resort Beekse Bergen, an African glamping paradise, collaborates with Crippaconcept for Made-in-Italy Mobile Homes, Elevating the Glamping Experience Amidst Safaripark Adventures and Nature, within the most famous entertainment park in the Netherlands.

CRIPPACONCEPT, the main producer of Made in Italy mobile homes and lodge tents, has announced a new outdoor hospitality project: the new LAKE RESORT BEEKSE BERGEN area in collaboration with the large Dutch theme park BEEKSE BERGEN (LIBEMA GROUP), in the heart of Brabant. This is a dedicated accommodation solution for the whole family that lives the many adventures created in the midst of nature during the day, while enjoying the wild atmosphere with animals and vegetation.

Crippaconcept thus presents a new version of the “glamorous camping” concept outside national borders, demonstrating that open-air tourism is rich in facets and meets new contexts thanks to the versatility of its mobile housing solutions. If the post-pandemic has been the definitive consecration of open-air tourism in Italy as a new generation vacation destination. This type of tourism is hybrid and adaptive, bridging classic hospitality destinations and alternative locations that deviate from the more conventional sea, lake, and mountain destinations.

The Beekse Bergen park is located in the Netherlands and is a popular entertainment destination throughout the country and surrounding areas. The park features a natural safari park where visitors can observe over 150 species of animals up close, as well as an amusement park, a water park, and a spacious accommodation area all in one location. The Safaripark Beekse Bergen can be visited by car, boat, bus, or on foot. The amusement park and water park (Speelland Beekse Bergen) provide children with a playground while their parents enjoy the large beach on the lake. The large event area (Hilvareenbeek Beekse Bergen) hosts some of the most popular summer music events in Northern Europe, featuring global music stars. The park’s new hospitality offerings include both hotel accommodation (Safari Hotel) and glamorous camping (Safari Resort, Lake Resort).

The accommodations “on the lake” created by Crippaconcept.

To offer open-air accommodation experiences, the new Lake Resort Beekse Bergen glamping site has been set up. It is a forest and lake habitat inspired by Lake Victoria, the largest African lake and source of the Nile, around which the new mobile homes by Crippaconcept have been placed. These include the Forest Cabin and Lake View Cabin, which offer all the comforts of home and the freedom of outdoor living. Visitors can decide whether to relax by the lake or take a dip in the pool after a day of animal experiences.

The Lake View Cabin is a 34 sqm independent mobile living unit overlooking the lake, designed to accommodate 6 people in 3 bedrooms. The accommodation is surrounded by greenery and overlooks Lake Victoria, and is equipped with all the necessary comforts, including a fully equipped kitchen with a stove, dishwasher, refrigerator, microwave, coffee machine, and cooking utensils, as well as a lounge area with a TV. The cabin also has a complete bathroom with a shower, and a large furnished veranda where guests can relax and enjoy the lake view. For more information, please visit

The Forest Cabin is an independent 34sqm mobile home solution with three bedrooms, a full bathroom, a fully equipped kitchenette (microwave, coffee machine, dishes, refrigerator) and a living area with TV. It accommodates up to six people and has a large outdoor veranda surrounded by trees and fully equipped. This housing solution is completely surrounded by nature but has the lake within walking distance. It is equipped with free Wi-Fi. For more information, visit

Sergio Redaelli, Crippaconcept’s CEO shares about the project: “Crippaconcept is driven to further its international reach in Europe, buoyed by the positive response to its latest project in the Netherlands. With a new commercial office in Amsterdam since 2022, the company can now connect with local and northern European markets who have come to know and appreciate the brand through their Italian vacation experiences. With over 40 years of experience in the glamping industry, the Netherlands has developed a deeply rooted and widely appreciated cultural approach to spending free time or engaging in smartworking amidst nature with the entire family. As an industry leader, Crippaconcept recognizes the importance of promoting aesthetically pleasing and sustainable solutions that help develop new tourism alternatives without sacrificing valuable land and without the need for concrete infrastructure. With sustainability and eco-friendliness as key tenets, Crippaconcept continues to offer comfortable and unforgettable open-air vacation experiences to guests around the world.”