Crippacampeggio Srl’s collaboration projects are endless, and, increasingly, the large group owners of campsites and hotels are turning to our company in search of new, customised and ideal products for their existing sites, those under construction or to renew existing sites.

Arena Hospitality Group, our partner, has just recently opened a new important glamping site in Croatia. It’s a beautiful project which perfectly represents the answer to the ever-growing demand for hospitality combining the most classic naturalistic location of the campsite with the glamour of housing structures that are inspired by distant lands and flavours.

Manuela Kraljević, member of the management board and marketing director of Arena Hospitality Group has told us all about this important project in an interesting interview. Arena One 99: the biggest pure glamping site in Europe with all the comforts for your dream holiday.

What is Arena Hospitality Group, how many camp sites does it have, and where are they located?

The Arena Hospitality Group’s headquarters are located in Croatia, in Pula, on the Istrian peninsula. It currently has 26 hotels, campsites and resorts in Croatia, Germany and Hungary. The group offers these through several thematic brands: ParkPlaza, Art Hotel, Arena Hotel and Arena Campsite. Park Plaza hospitality is aimed at business customers who want a modern and trendy environment, whilst on the other hand, Art Hotel is a brand which focuses on the inclusion of art-inspired interiors for its hotels. Arena Hotel is a brand which offers a favourable price/quality ratio, the sites are all close to the sea and dedicated to family tourism through lots of entertainment for both adults and children. Arena Campsite has 8 campsites, all in Croatia, of various sizes, large, medium and also small, which we call “boutique”. In 2018, one of these was transformed into a pure glamping site, the Arena One 99 Glamping.

Why did you take this decision and how have you implemented it?

Glamping is, of course, the current trend in our industry. Based on this, and thanks to our experience and the variety of our type of campsites, we decided to stand out from the market by offering an exclusively glamping site with no other forms of hospitality such as pitches, mobile homes or resorts. We have therefore completely redesigned the Pomer campsite. The choice of location has been influenced by its position on a hill – it’s a small site, and we are referring to it as “boutique” – the type guaranteeing the maximum exclusivity of our offer.

What types of glamping does Arena One 99 offer?

Our glamping site is comprised exclusively of various types of tent, which have been positioned in such a way that, both from the seafront and as you climb the hill, each has a privileged view of the sea. We do not allow guest vehicles on site, but instead offer a very efficient fully electric shuttle service.  We are convinced, in fact, that even the “zero emissions” contribute to making the experience unique and exclusive. Moreover, guests can also rent bicycles to move freely around the site.

What services are on offer?

Our tents are characterised by a service that we can define as 4 stars, like a Grand Hotel, but “open air”: from daily cleaning, to changing sheets and towels, to room service.  All tents have a kitchenette, bathroom, air conditioning and wifi. Through a special app, downloadable on your smartphone or tablet, guests can call the shuttle to take them wherever they want on site – from our bars to restaurants, to the beach or to our Wellness-SPA. These are another flagship of Arena One 99 Glamping: we have three tents for massages, relaxation area, whirlpools, sauna and rain room. We also offer an outdoor fitness center and we even organise yoga classes. For every sporting and entertainment activity, Arena One 99 offers its guests highly qualified instructors, technical and animation staff.  For children, we have two tents on the beach where, divided into two age groups – the first up to 12 years and the second dedicated to teenagers between 13 and 16 years upwards – our youngest guests can be entertained by our animation team, allowing parents to enjoy a relaxing holiday whilst never losing sight of their children.

Where does the name Arena One 99 Glamping come from?

The location, the village of Pomer, was founded by the Romans with the name of Pomerium which means “inside the walls”. It was difficult to convey a Latin name associating it with an idea of ​​an extremely modern site, but we wanted to maintain the suggestion of the walled city in the name Arena, also given its proximity to the Roman amphitheater of Pula. “One 99”, on the other hand, is very simple to translate: first of all we are the first, “One” in fact, to propose the concept of pure glamping in Europe and on our site there are no less than 199 tents! Ninety-nine, moreover, suggests the idea of ​​infinity: a site offering lots of fun and relaxation, a place which invites you to return time after time.

What are the CrippaConcept structures you have chosen and why?

We have carried out a thorough market survey, explored the trends, and tried to understand what guests expect from a glamping site and we have identified CrippaConcept as the right partner, able to offer the highest quality products. Furthermore, it must be said that Italian design is still superior to European competition. I must say that CrippaConcept is not the only company we work with, but they are certainly the ones who have supplied us with the largest number of tents to enrich the Arena One 99 Glamping site. Furthermore, there are two types of tents from the brand that we have chosen: A-Luxury Lodge, this first tent is family oriented, with two rooms and a mezzanine floor and kitchen and, for couples, there are the Mini [S] Lodge a more simple option, consisting of a comfortable suite with bathroom but without a kitchen, for those guests who want a purely relaxing holiday and would like to use the catering services offered by our glamping site.

We would like to wish Arena One 99 Glamping the very best, and hope they have many satisfied guests. We would also like to thank Manuela Kraljević for the trust placed in us, and for the availability.