During the annual appointment with ADAC Camping Gala, the Oscars that annually award the top innovative campsites throughout Europe, all the top players were celebrated in the live streaming event to ensure compliance with health restrictions.

Last Year, representing Italy in this 2022 edition and the most prestigious camping villages nominees, Crippaconcept, signed an unprecedented two-year partnership with ADAC Camping (more info here).

During the Gala, Sergio Redaelli, CEO of Crippaconcept, also rewarded the winners. An international commission of 40 experts in the camping sector and hundreds of camping villages candidates to win prizes in the four thematic categories: sustainability and attention to the environment, innovation and progress, demographic change and accessibility, and ADAC Camping booking. The Hall Of Fame has been dedicated to Josipa Cvelić Bonifačić, as the significant personality of the Year in the industry.

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Sergio Redaelli, CEO of Crippaconcept, comments, “The world of open-air tourism has an innovative and cutting-edge approach both for landscape design and for hospitality proposals. The ADAC Camping GmbH awards (https://www.pincamp.de) represent the sector’s excellence in terms of environmental impact, new ways of welcoming target guests with different needs, and accessibility of the facility. And Crippaconcept works in the same direction, to offer housing solutions that help the development of the personal vision of entrepreneurs “. He adds: “As Crippaconcept, we are delighted to be a partner of the ADAC Camping Gala 2022 while supporting the entire camping industry in Europe. Many Adac members have relied on our glamping products and credentials for years, appreciating the design and creativity of our accommodations, allowing tourists to experience new camping hospitality suited to the contemporary lifestyle of the holiday, comfort as well, and extraordinary services.”

Overview: All winners and nominees of the ADAC Camping Awards 2022

The 2022 award winners in Sustainability and Environmental Awareness, Innovation and Progress, Demographic Change and Accessibility, and in the ADAC Camping Booking category come from Spain, Italy, Austria and Germany. The ADAC Camping Awards 2022 winners were introduced by Sergio Redaelli, founder and CEO of Crippaconcept.

Sergio Redaelli: “We are proud that the Innovation category nominations involved three campsites we have been collaborating for years: Pra ‘Delle Torri, Camping Village La Rocca in Italy and Ardechois camping in France. Crippaconcept and ADAC Camping GmbH once again highlight how the hospitality of the camping, thanks to its versatility and innovation, demonstrates the ability to rekindle the attractiveness of an outdoor holiday in the most challenging circumstances.”

Winner category “Innovation and Progress”: Centro Vacanze Pra’ delle Torri, Italy.
The modern vacation resort near Venice surprises again and again with new ideas for leisure activities. The latest proof of its innovative strength: the newly created activity park, which is perfectly tailored to the needs of young campers. Other campsites nominated for the “Innovation and Progress” category: Camping Nature Parc L’Ardéchois, France and La Rocca Camp, Italy.

Winner category “Sustainability and Environmental Awareness”: Camping La Ballena Alegre, Spain. The modern camping facility on the Costa Brava receives this award for its sustainable and environmentally friendly use of the camping site, in particular for the maximal reduction of CO2 emissions. More than 100 tons of CO2 are saved per year. Other nominees in the “Sustainability and Environmental Awareness” category: Blokhus Natur Camping, Denmark and Ons Buiten, Netherlands.

Winner category “Demographic Change and Accessibility”: 50plus Campingpark Fisching, Austria. With a bold concept that focuses on campers over 50 and their needs, the camping park from Styria, run by the Pfandl family, came out on top in this category. Other nominations in the category “Demographic Change and Accessibility”: Strandcamping Waging am See, Germany and Camping Salatà, Spain.

Winner category “ADAC Camping Booking Award”: Camping Stover Strand Kloodt, Germany. Located near Hamburg, the campsite from Drage on the Elbe received the award for its role as a pioneer and trailblazer in the digitalization of the German camping industry. Camping Stover Strand Kloodt has led the way across Germany in implementing online bookability of pitches. Other nominees in the “ADAC Camping Booking Award” category: Aminess Atea Camping Resort, Croatia and Feddet Strand Resort, Denmark.

Deserved: Josipa Cvelić Bonifačić in the Hall of Fame

The highlight of the award ceremony was the induction of Josipa Cvelić Bonifačić into the Hall of Fame. The Croatian-born honoree was visibly moved and expressed her gratitude via video message for “the unexpected and great honor”. Uwe Frers acknowledged Cvelić’s services to the development of camping in Europe: “Josipa Cvelić Bonifačić has left great footprints in the Croatian and European camping industry.” Cvelić’s leadership in the modernization of the Croatian camping industry, especially in the development of the multi-award winning Valamar Premium Camping Resorts, deserves special mention, he said. Josipa Cvelić Bonifačić has also made an enormous contribution to the further development of camping tourism in the university sector: “The introduction of the ‘Master of Sustainable Campground Management’ and the funding of this project by the Erasmus program of the European Union is the work of Josipa Cvelić Bonifačić.”

Uwe Frers, Managing Director of ADAC Camping GmbH (https://www.pincamp.de): “The ADAC Camping Awards are akin to the Oscars of the camping industry. We use them to honor the innovators of the industry.”

To Uwe and the whole Adac Camping Team, a praise from all the Crippaconcept staff.

The next ADAC Camping 2023 Award Ceremony is expected as a live event during the ADAC Camping Gala at CMT Stuttgart in January 2023. Stay tuned!

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