Crippaconcept and Club del Sole, together for the redesign of the group’s resorts.

Thanks to the close collaboration with the University of Pavia and the AUDE – Architecture and Urban Design LAB, Crippaconcept has integrated and completed the services dedicated to Italian and European camping resort customers with an entire sector devoted to landscape analysis and design: CCD, or Crippaconcept Camping Design, which deals with the implementation of entire master plans carefully designed to create new receptive clusters for open-air tourism.

One of the most recent examples of application stems from the collaboration with the Club del Sole group, Italy’s leading outdoor holiday provider with 20 resorts totalling more than 8,500 accommodation units.

In recent years, the group has invested a great deal of resources in renovating its resorts and upgrading the various accommodation facilities, involving not only the accommodation section, which is being replaced with more modern and equipped units, but also the landscape, which plays a fundamental role in making guests have a new customer experience, a pleasant holiday in the open air and in nature.

Romagna Camping Village and the new natural district

The most recent project with the evocative name “In my own Garden” proposed by CCD is for the Romagna Family Village, located in the beloved town of Riccione. It introduces a multifaceted natural and cultural district that connects the Camping Village to the city centre, so as to create an ideal direct link between social life and the place to go for a relaxing retreat, ideal for families, couples and friends. To further amplify the welcoming aspect, the project has also considered the internal road system in relation to the natural fabric of the resort, drawing inspiration from the local landscape and indigenous ecologies to renew its unique genius loci. The experiences that guests will experience will therefore all be shaped by the geography of the area and its natural beauty, which integrates perfectly with the lodges situated here. In this project, the resort plan also intuitively guides guests from the entrance to the water park.

This combination of nature and contemporary accommodation is reflected in the design of the latter as it maintains the typical colours of the Mediterranean scrub, while also ensuring respect for the environment it is in. Crippaconcept mobile homes are created using natural, recycled and recyclable materials and without soil consumption. Among their special features are: ample natural daylight and the privacy that sets them apart. They are equipped with many accessories and the finishes have been tailor-made especially for Club del Sole. Inside, they also offer state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment.

As far as the Romagna Family Village is concerned, another of the most evident and distinctive features is the choice of colour of these mobile homes, renamed lodges, which accompany the guest in a perfect chromatic scale from the reception to the water park, recently enhanced with children’s games, and flanked by a pool for the pet doggies. Unique in its field.

Within this context, the ‘In my own Garden’ project also consists of a secluded hamlet, an area protected by dense trees and a water line delimiting access, with dedicated play areas as an independent village and mobile homes with private spaces of 120 square metres.

The environment is an inspiration for the colour choice of mobile homes

Also at Rimini Family Camping Village , the Crippaconcept Next Generation model mobile homes are perfectly placed in the environment and, thanks to their coloured appearance, acquire an identifying character for the guest whilst accompanying them to the brand new water park with a spray park and whirlpool area, the core area of the facility.

Another of the recently renovated Club del Sole camping resorts is theAdriano, located in Punta Marina Terme (Ra). In this case, a real boulevard was created, a main avenue outlined by mobile home Crippaconcept that overlooks the main street of the facility. These mobile homes are white and differ from all the others in colour.

The Pini Beach Village, the new masterplan and a magnificent terrace overlooking the sea.

Also for the new Pini Beach Village, CCD, i.e. Crippaconcept Camping Design, studied a new masterplan in which 120 new independent mobile homes were installed and equipped with every comfort, as well as elegant outdoor spaces in nature. All this to create a unique environment and foster a more intense connection between the natural environment and the structural elements.

The colours of these mobile homes, so called by Club del Sole, both indoors and outdoors, are inspired by the colours of the sand and the sea.

The closest to the sea are white, in the following lines the colours change and acquire the colours of the sand and then of the earth, until activating a more wooden shade that refers to the colour of the beautiful pines present in the wooded area of the beach resort.

A colour scale of continuity starting from the first line, the one facing the sea, where the veranda has a splendid view and where the colour white makes the atmosphere completely consistent with the location. Approaching the pine forest the colour changes making the village very pleasant to the eye and markedly original.

We have FreedHomes which, depending on the layout and location, have been differentiated into:

  • Elite Lodge: 40 sqm seafront with interiors cared for in every detail with outdoor shower
  • Deluxe Lodge: 40 sqm with pleasant and contemporary environs

And Next Generation divided into:

  • Superior Lodge: 33 sqm with a modern and refined design
  • Lodge Comfort: the ultimate in relaxation in a 33 sqm solution just a short walk from the beach

Another peculiar feature of Pini Beach Village is the Braceria dei Pini, with exposed embers and a spacious outdoor terrace overlooking the sea that guests can enjoy while sipping a drink in the evening.

“The new Pini Beach Village fully represents the new positioning of Club del Sole, enclosed in the tagline ‘Life, as it should always be’,”  states Francesco Giondi, CEO of Club del Sole.

“We believe that the holiday is the dimension of us at our best. A place and a time in which our essential traits are amplified as they are placed in the best conditions to express themselves. Holidays, especially in the post-pandemic era, become an awareness to be transferred into everyday life. A stay at the Pini Beach Village is an experience that puts the human being at the centre, in a unique setting to experience fully the union between nature’s charm and the refinement of the facility’s amenities.”

In conclusion, we would like to emphasise how these projects have the ultimate aim of making the holiday an experience that is in harmony with the land and the environment, starting with the design of the beach resort, composed of both the accommodation and, above all, everything that surrounds it. So as to create the right balance with nature and private and common spaces to achieve the perfect holiday.


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