The collaboration between CrippaConcept and the AML (Architecture Maker Lab) research laboratory of the Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture of the University of Pavia has resulted in the launch of the MOBILE HOUSE ECOLAB workshop.

From 25 February to 01 March, the future designers of the Degree in Building Engineering and Architecture will approach a little-known and rapidly expanding industrial sector, to experience a comparison on the theme of the mobile home for tourism as a sustainable solution, both from an ecological, aesthetic and economical point of view in order to improve the quality of the holiday “en plein air” in Italy, without using new land.

The workshop is addressed to the students of the degree course in Building Engineering-Architecture of Pavia but also to the Chinese students from the Tongji University in Shanghai who are studying in Italy for an international exchange. Together they will work in groups to develop the theme of mobile homes by offering more design solutions.

Students will be joined by prominent figures in the field and will be asked to redesign one of CrippaConcept’s mobile home models with a holistic approach: the mobile home as a piece of global landscape design of a campsite, itself inserted in an economic-social-environmental context that must benefit from the presence of a commercial enterprise – the most eco-sustainable – capable of generating significant repercussions in terms of employment, culture and non-negligible pecuniary.

To give students a closer look at the mobile homes sector, the doors of our Torre d’Isola production site will be open during the first day of the workshop. At the same time, a CrippaConcept prototype, specifically created on the basis of a ‘Next Evo’ model, will be positioned in the external areas of the Engineering Faculty to allow students to study the construction, spatial and material technology of the finished product, offering them first-hand interaction with the prototype every day.

During the workshop, coordinated by Carlo Berizzi (Associate Professor of Architecture and Urban Design at the Faculty of Engineering), professionals, professors and expert teachers will take turns with lectures and seminars. These include many renouned names in the field such as Paolo Scoglio from the Studio The Ne[s]t in Turin, Leonardo Di Chiara from TinyHouses University in Berlin and the Studio of Landscape Architecture LAND in Milan.

At the end of the workshop on Monday 11 March 2019, students will present the results of the course through an exhibition at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Pavia, where 3D models, coming from the AML research laboratory, render, drawings and models will take center stage.

Info Mobile House Ecolab Workshop

Exhibition of 3D printed models and drawings of the projects at the Faculty of Engineering within the space of the mobile home prototype offered by Crippaconcept.

Date: 11 March 2019


Workshop Coordinators: Prof. Carlo Berizzi, University of Pavia
Scientific committee: Daniela Besana, Roberto De Lotto, Sergio Redaelli, Luca Trabattoni
Operational committee: Sonia Luisi, Salvatore Nirta

Paolo Scoglio (Studio The Ne[s]t of Turin)
Leonardo DiChiara (Tiny Houses University of Berlin)
Studio LAND of Milan

© Photo Pavia University