The outer reach of camping has now a brand new name: Glamping. Thanks to Crippa Concept’s Tents and Mobile Homes, you can now enjoy your camping holiday at its most comfortable, surrounded by nature.
It’s an hard choice: all the spaces have been designed for a functional and easy living, both for those who look for exclusivity and those who wish to find a freer living space.


Crippacampeggio has, for years, designed and manufactured tents of the highest quality for tour operators, campsites and resorts. Transparency and efficiency in performance are the values that make this brand a point of reference for both customers and users alike. Crippa Concept is the new brand that stands for the creation and production of innovative Mobile Homes using refined design, future-oriented concepts and all with a structure built to last.

showroom-productionProduction and Showroom: the 25.000 sqm main production plant in Torre d’Isola, Pavia, Italy.

Crippaconcept manifactures mobile homes in compliance with European standards EN 1647 and EN 721. The EN 1647 standard specifies the safety and health requirements of people using mobile homes. It governs the design and construction, the internal equipment, the supply of drinking water, the exhaust systems, the installation, the ventilation and the fire precautions. The EN 721 standard specifies in particular the safety requirements for ventilation of recreational vehicles. We guarantee the highest quality and compliance of our products.