The magic of WATERDREAM. The premium network of floating hospitality suites.

It is called WATERDREAM and allows you to spend an open-air holiday from a new point of view: on the water. The network of premium Made in Italy floating accommodation facilities arrives with its sea-view suites in the waters of the Marina di Rimini, on those of Lake Maggiore and in the green heart of the Cuneo district. Designer accommodation designed by Crippaconcept, the main Italian brand synonymous with quality outdoor experiences, thanks to the design and construction of mobile homes and lodges for the top camping resorts throughout Europe.

With this project the company reaches a new standard: the outdoor experience holiday moves from land to water.

WATERDREAM is the floating hotel formula spread with accommodation inspired by the cabins of a luxury cruise ship, combining the premium elements of mobile homes with the special feature of a holiday on the water.

Each suite has two bedrooms, one double and one with three single beds, kitchen with dining area and living area; outside the bridge offers an open-air lounge with a ladder that leads to the real gem of the boat: a rooftop terrace with sun loungers to relax in the sunset light, mornings in the sun or nights under the stars, lulled by the rhythm of the water.

Guests, therefore, can enjoy the view of the boats, the sails around the perimeter of the Marina, enjoy the services present or disembark for days on the beach or discovering the city and its surroundings. Always enjoying privacy and tranquility, once you return to your houseboat, created and built by Crippaconcept with environmentally friendly and natural materials and energy saving. In fact, the unit controls consumption and rations it when guests are out, to continue to ensure efficient management of energy resources.

We want to broaden the prospects of open air holidays, a type of holiday that respects the environment and that, in recent years, has proven to offer hospitality of the highest level, like a five-star hotel in terms of comfort and services. In this new version of en plein air we want to put people in contact with water and give them a new perspective on our country: the beauty of Italy seen from the sea” comments Sergio Redaelli, presenting the project.

Where they are and how they are booked
Currently in Italy, the floating units of the WATERDREAM network can be booked at Waterdream Rimini, at the Marina di Rimini, at the Blu Village in Savigliano (CN) and at Camping Italia Lido on Lake Maggiore.


Directly within Marina di Rimini, a stone’s throw from the city centre and beaches, you can experience Waterdream Rimini, the floating resort where you can fully enjoy the relationship with the sea, from a privileged position. The elegant waterfront suites feature two bedrooms, a kitchenette and a living room with sea-view. The interiors are contemporary, with harmonious colors and equipped with every comfort. A beautiful outdoor roof-top terrace with sun loungers that amplifies the panoramic view and relaxation. It is the ideal place to admire the sea, yachts and sailing sails. Great for a relaxing stay and to enjoy the sophistication of a city centre getaway. Waterdream Rimini combines the best luxury experience with an enviable location: the Marina di Rimini is, in fact, considered by experts to be one of the most beautiful marinas in the Mediterranean. With its 622 berths, it is a jewel of the Adriatic frequented by lovers of sailing and pleasure.
To book Waterdream Rimini:

(+39) 0541 29488



Camping italia lido is the perfect location for those seeking peace and tranquility in a unique setting on Lake Maggiore. A colourful spectacle reflected in the emerald-green waters of the lake creates the perfect setting for a holiday immersed in the authentic nature of this place. The structure of the WaterDream is inspired by the luxurious nautical environments of the Yachts. On the panoramic terrace of WaterDream, you can admire the majestic silhouette of Monte Rosa mirrored in the Lake for an unparalleled sunset. WaterDream is the right choice for those who wish to experience their holiday in symbiosis with the rhythms of nature. Set in a unique and relaxing setting, the WaterDreams are moored along the banks of the river and can be reached by jetty.
To book Waterdream at Lake Maggiore:

(+39) 0331 923032


In the waters of a beautiful lake on the shores of which, amidst tall trees and lush green meadows, lives a wildlife of squirrels, herons and roe deer, you can enjoy an original experience in the suites of the Blue Village. Anchor at the long pier that leads to the centre of the lake, surrounded by the slow circling of swans, mallards and ducks, leaning out you can admire, just below the surface of the water, the prized brown trout. The tranquillity is absolute. From the rooftop terrace, on the comfortable sun loungers, you can enjoy the sunset behind the Monviso and the view of the Alps is an unparalleled setting to this relaxing location. The three suites are private and equipped with every comfort. Modernly furnished, each suite has a double bedroom and one with three single beds, a living room with panoramic windows and kitchenette. An inexhaustible source of relaxation is the waterfront terrace where you can dine under the stars. Many itineraries landing on land, the Blue Village is at the centre of one of the most prestigious food and wine areas in Italy.
To book Waterdream Cuneo at the Blue Village in Savigliano:

(+39) 0541 29488



The affiliation to the floating hotel network WATERDREAM is a project based on the holiday, initiated by Crippaconcept, to offer a new and innovative tourism product. It is a project that is aimed at those who wish to offer their guests an unusual experience and the chance for their company to exploit areas like tourist harbours, docks, marinas, ecological lakes, and marine entertainment resorts. For information on affiliations:

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