December 4, 2019 – CrippaConcept presented seven new solutions that will furnish the most beautiful glamour camping areas in Italy and Europe in 2020 in a 1000 m2 area at the SUN Beach&Outdoor Style, which took place from 9 to 11 October 2019 at FieraRimini.

Discover Maxi Caravan and Lodge Tent through the experience mode to touch the quality and comfort of the solution that CrippaConcept keeps providing since 1967. Step inside and breathe the Italian atmosphere.

The common thread of CrippaConcept solutions is comfort design, whether you choose the interiors of a maxi caravan or a safari tent. All models feature sophisticated lines and fine materials and pay special attention to sustainability. In fact, they are all made with recyclable materials.

A philosophy that, thanks to the partnership with GROHE – a world-leading company in the bathroom and kitchen fixtures industry – has brought a Water Bar to the trade fair’s maxi area to promote the plastic-free culture. All CrippaConcept guests had the opportunity to use the GROHE Blue Home, i.e. an innovative filtration system that provides filtered and chilled still, medium, and sparkling water, to eliminate the consumption of single-use plastic bottles. GROHE Blue Home is only one of GROHE’s systems that customers and travellers can find in the kitchen and bathroom of every CrippaConcept maxi caravan.

Together with Magniflex and LG Business Solutions, we have developed new projects with hi-tech and design amenities to ensure a domestic setting 4.0 like you’ve never seen before, for a holiday to remember.




MEDITERRANEA and QUEENSLANDER – last year’s absolute stars – are back. Mediterranea’s interiors, with its colours and materials, is inspired by the most beautiful coasts of the Mediterranean. An aesthetic impact that brings to mind luxurious holidays by the sea.

In 2020, QUEENSLANDER will have a new look that will make it look more like a yacht with its new interiors and exteriors. Both have a larger living area: from 8.60 x 4.00 m to 10.20 x4.30 m. These solutions are enriched with MIRAGE, the new collection of three cutting-edge mobile homes.

A unit with a minimal design and impeccable amenities available in three different versions: MIRAGE FOREST, featuring an undergrowth green styling that hints at the Garda lake nature, MIRAGE SEA and MIRAGE SAND, two versions designed for marine and lake settings featuring antique blue interiors with different shades of beige.


WONDERLAND, the new, innovative solution

This project is an innovative approach in the mobile home industry and is the result of the collaboration between the University of Pavia and its partners: the Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture and the AML laboratory. A mobile home entirely dedicated to the family, which is, together with groups, the main target for an outdoor holiday. Wonderland features state-of-the-art technology, including a multimedia system. Even if the interiors are designed for a family with children, adults can enjoy the exclusive whirlpool baths in the terrace. Its double-height system exploits the space under the terrace to create a playground. An ecosystem of services that focuses on the quality of your family’s Italian-style camping holiday. An innovative module also suitable for clusters.


As for the safari tents, the new entries are the proof of the progress made so far: Country Suite and Trend Lodge, which have been presented at the trade fair with the best seller Babe Lodge.

Country Suite is a tribute to the African safari tents, whose interiors have a special appeal, hidden by the large external curtains, which have a more minimalist style. This solution has a large surface area, and it can be considered a true suite furnished with a king-size bed with a Magniflex Regal mattress, a large bathroom and a spacious dressing room. The furniture has a classic contemporary style and meets the demand of many open-air camping lovers who seek luxury.

This solution is also available in the family version with a kitchenette, living area and standard bedrooms, i.e. the Country Lodge.


As for the Trend model, two versions will be available in 2020: Lodge, with a living area and a kitchen – showcased at the trade fair – also available in the Suite version with a large bedroom, a large bathroom and a dressing room. Both the Trend versions feature a minimalist design with non-treated wooden panelling for a warm and a slightly wild atmosphere, dedicated to those who want to live an open-air experience in the name of nature.

Even the Lodge Tents feature luxury amenities, comfortable dressing rooms, large and comfortable bathrooms, five-star bedrooms, an equipped kitchen, a large veranda that extends the liveable surface area and seamlessly eliminates the distance between interiors and exteriors.


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